Finest Dentalcustomer service and treatment of refund

H Jul 23, 2019

I bought the highest price Invisalign program available £3000+ From Finest Dental Liverpool Street. And To be fair the finished product looks great but thanks to Invisalign not finest dentist and this was not a smooth ride nor was it without problems.

I paid for 6 teeth to be capped/veneered and they only did 4! Reason because we ran out of time in the appointment, which I had initially booked for two hours, yet when rescheduling the receptionist made a mistake and only booked for one. The appointment was rushed and put me at discomfort. I've read over reviews saying they don't allow enough time for each schedule.

The night time final aligners I ended up only getting one from Invisalign and one made in the practice- as again they made mistakes with timings. The one they made doesn't fit properly and hurts my teeth. This was down to malpractice when taking out the clay mold. The Invisalign one is perfect.

I was seen by 4 different dentists in all, over my year course, and they all told me different lengths to put the aligners in for not to mention different level of skills and lack of English. The lady that sold me the treatment disappeared and stopped contact with me after a month. The new dentists also didn't know why I turned up for certain appointments and asked me what we were doing today!! They should know why I was in! Put me at unease and discomfort. They also asked me to book the next appointments but never told me how long for or for what next step. Chaos. Thank god I knew my treatment plan!! Poor management.

Due to their mistakes of timings and booking I'm out of pocket for roughly £100 and for the rushed teeth finishes/ failed veneer teeth- out of pocket £180 (£90 each tooth) + £240 because they didn't clean the residue off my teeth properly so had to get it done in another country and practice - due to lack of time and rushing of appointments. They are out for sales and numbers. A factory dentistry!

They also never put me through a hygienest dental test to see if my teeth would be ok for Invisalign they just rushed to sell me the package and I've now found out the damage it's caused to two of the teeth which happen to be the ones they didn't veneer! I now know why they didn't do them... this has cost me a further £500 in costs.

Didn't give me time or a refund for the re moulding of night retainer. I've been patient and asked politely for a refund of failed service . Got a reply saying there will be a investigation and I'll get a response in 14 days. It's been a month and no reply or response from follow on emails from myself. I'm starting to write reviews and reach out to others effected by them. I believe there is a legal case against them and one is being built up against them by others and I'm considering joining them in launching a full legal investigation into their complaints and customer services. It's outrageous for a company to take this much money from you only to not bother in dealing with simple and fair requests.

Someone should be held accountable!

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