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Fifth Third Bankwrongful action of foreclosure

My name is Sam Zakarian. I'm writing this in the hopes that someone will listen to my nightmarish experience that is causing me to wrongfully lose my home. I have owned my home for 24 years. On march 8, 2008 I suffered a massive heart attack. This affected my work in the near term so I contacted my bank, Fifth Third to inquire as to any assistance they could provide to me during this difficult time. They offered me a loan forebearance for a term of 3 months. The term would be from july1 through sept 31. They instructed me to call them in late sept to let me know how I am doing. I was very pleased at how they treated me at the time. In late sept I was granted another 3 month forebearance to expire on dec 31. By this time I was starting to get back on my feet. I called the bank on dec 30 to see what the process would be to start getting caught up. They instructed me to start making payments of $1263.68 for the months of jan feb and march and after such time I could try to do a loan modification. This was fine with me. I sent in my jan payment on the third. They would have received it at the latest by the 10th. Some days later a gentlemen from the bank showed up at my door asking if the utilities were in working order. This alarmed me because being in the real estate business the only time you typically see this is when a foreclosure notice has been filed. I immediatly contacted my bank who assured me that that action had not been taken. 2 days later a sheriff slapped a notice to foreclose against my chest. The law firm is Pierce and ###. I came to discover that this a simple matter of signals getting crossed from one branch to another. Apparently the forebearance department had not communicated anything with the foreclosure department. Since that time I have gone into fifth third bank begging them to correct this horrific error. With their deepest apologies they tell me they will have someone get back to me. Never happenened. I have called on countless occasions to attempt to resolve this matter. I have even called Pierce. No one will help me. The bank that at one time treated me with such kindness has now abandoned me and is now trying to take my home . On a side note the bank has not returned my jan payment. Will some one please help me? I am not sleeping and I feel that me health has deteriorated as a result of this injustice. My phone number is [protected]. My e- address is [protected] Thank you, Sam Zakarian


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    becky221986 Mar 07, 2009

    Has it worked out? Did anyone get it taken care of?

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    Kat59 Mar 09, 2011

    Fifth Third Bank - re: loan modifications...You are not alone. I lost a job making 40K per year and was off for 5 months, got a job but took an 11K pay cut. The departments at this bank do NOT know what the others do or say. One person tells you one thing - you talk to another rep and they tell you a completely different story. THEN they have an outside company make their "collection" calls to tell you that your loan is delinquent. I started a loan mod in April 2010. At that time they told me NOT TO MAKE ANY PAYMENTS until the loan mod was approved. I had to hire someone (paid them $500 up front) to help me negotiate with the bank. First, the bank put on my credit report that I was over 90 days late on my payments - keep in mind THEY told me not to make the payments - then they said I had to make 2 more payments before they would approve the loan mod. I had short notice and told them when I got paid, that it would have to be on the 21 of the month - they said I was late and they wouldn't consider the modification. Now they have foreclosed on my home and won't talk to me. They didn't even send me a letter of notification that it was in foreclosure, I only received a letter from an attorney telling me that the bank now owns my home and I have until mid May 2011 to be out...sooner if they sell it. This bank should have someone do an audit on them to make sure that they are in compliance. I for one don't think they or most of the others ARE. Wouldn't it be nice if we found out there were mistakes and we could own our homes free and clear on their dime. It would serve them all right. We are after all only a file number to them, WE have the emotional attachment to our home and they play on that and threaten. We have to find a way to fight them. Any suggestions?? Kathy

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    myha Jul 16, 2011
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    I fell into this web just tonight, I went through very, very, it was the last home my deceased husband and I built together. We had a beautiful home on the lake wasnt fancy or big, but comfortable, it was our home we raised our 2 kids, and I had my first grandson, he was 4 when his grandpa died they we soo much alike and now his 9 and I swear everytime I have that boy to visit I feel and see his grandpa in him, when he died we both agreed for me to sale the lake house so IRS wouldnt get it then I would have IRS paid off and move into the Home we built to sell. So I did, of course my poor husband didnt now the economy was going to fall, so I lived there in June 2007 next years things got bad so I contacted Modification Co, same here dont make payments, 1yr later the forecloser, oh not forecloseing today, well it happen lost the home had a great Lawyer, Constuble, Judge but I continued the fight and take it higher it would be another cost but nowing your not going to get your home back is always embeds in your heart and mind. Thats how I found this site I looked up Firth Third Bank. I still looking for an answer, I herd on day not to long ago that goverenment thinking of opening up cases of foreclosers to be faulted, so I trying blindley to find my way back Home

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