FBIfraudulent behavior

I had put a car up for sale for $6000.00 via craigs list and I received a text from 218-288-1526 inquiring about it on 6/2/19 and he said he wanted to purchase my vehicle so he sent me a company check #4816, from NPR, Inc. P.O. Box 791490 Baltimore Md 21279-1490 drawn from Sun Trust Bank 1445 New York Ave, NW Washington DC 20005 in the amount of $8000.55. The check came priority mail 3-day U.S. Mail from FLC LLC 1739 Old Hudson Rd. Google Earth pictures this address as a (Motel 6). He said the extra $2000.55 was for the movers and once I had deposited said check and it had cleared at my bank to take out the extra $2000.55 and go to Walmart and do a Walmart to Walmart money transfer and send him, (Fabian Dietes) $1950.00 of it that he needed for the movers and to keep the extra $50.55 for my troubles. The transfer went to the Minneapolis area as he requested and he could go to any Walmart there and get the money pickup for the movers with his ID. The Walmart transaction number was [protected]. About an hour later when everything was done and I had completed his instructions, from the same phone number 218-288-1526 I got another text from someone claiming to be Berry Johnson. He said Fabian Dietes had a family emergency (mother died) and asked me to go back to Walmart, cancel the transfer I had just done for Fabian and redo another one in his name as the car was for his cousins birthday and he didn't know when Fabian would be back. I refused to do that and advised the sale is complete and to text me again when the movers were arriving to pick up the car and that I wasn't going to be in the middle of Fabian and his issue. He continued to beg me via from said text# and after about 3 days he said I was a scammer and he was going to reverse the check. The next morning I checked my bank account and Sun Trust had reversed the check as an altered falsified check so I immediately went back to Walmart and canceled the transfer I had done and received back the $1950.00 before Fabian or Berry attempted to cash it out in Minnesota. I was lucky to get it back as I think Berry is the culprit and would have cashed out the transfer if I hadn't gone back and made those changes. I would have been out $2000.55. I also feel they are doing this as a form of obtaining fraudulent income from many people. For each person they scam they make $2000.00 because they reverse the check after picking up the money. I did contact NPR in Washington DC who also confirmed the check was not one of theirs and that they had no-one by the name of Fabian Dietes, or Berry Johnson working for them.
How many people have they already done this to?
This needs stopped and hope you can get them.
This person has to be pulling in thousands of dollars a week ripping off innocent people and there family's and destroying there finances.

Thank You for your attention to this matter and if you would like anymore information to put this guy down I can be reached at [protected].


Brian Blank
8973 Sw 212th Ln.
Cutler Bay Fl. 33189

Jul 05, 2019

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