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I was an employee as of last Thursday October 3rd I went in to start my shift /assistant store manager, , the manager of the store earlier that day filled my entire drawer with loose change that it took me 10 minutes to count it, I said to her this was a bit excessive don't u think, and she didn't have the respect to answer me at all, she was mad because the cashier we have always lets his drawer empty w no change so the day I closed I put 1 roll of each change in the drawer that was very low to begin with and for some reason she treated me terribly and never said to me can we talk or nothing, after she left the store she began to text me and was very ignorant with her words, , and the beginning of September I had a very hurt wrist in which I was put off work by the dr. And when I returned to work she was very short with me, , now I never called off or nothing, so I decided after the whole deal with the way she talked to me n her very unprofessional actions I felt I no longer needed to take this kind of behavior so I left, , I would certainly appreciate some feed back on the misconduct that was done to me,

Oct 08, 2019
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  • Km
      Oct 09, 2019

    Exactly how much coin change was it? It's not all that uncommon for a drawer to have a large number of coins from time to time. Usually if a drawer has an excessive amount of coins it's only because that's what the customers from the previous shift paid with. I've had days where I'd close the store with $100 in coins because that's what the customers that day had to spend, usually near the end of the month before the EBT people received their food allowance. Sometimes I'll make coin rolls to put them in but since we only have enough payroll to stay 30 minutes pass closing I have to leave it as is. I doubt it was a personal spite leaving you with a large number of coins, but if it only took you 10 minutes it really doesn't sound like a lot of coins. Maybe only $35 worth.

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