Family Dollar Storesemployee named (tanya) unknown last name discrimination falsely accusing

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The Police Was Called On Me After My Transaction Accusing Me Of Shoplifting by the same employee (Tanya) that handled my transaction at the register I Parked In Front The Store And went to other stores in the area upon returning to my vehicle i observed Tanya and about 8 officers surrounding my vehicle. She stated "everything in my bag was stolen". after the police reviewed my receipt they determined i lawfully purchased all of the merchandise. I'm writing this because it's already hard out here for a black male and the relationships between police is not all that great in this city so for this Lady to call the police on me after taking my money i feel as though there's actions that needs to be taken place. I am very embarrassed by this mis-accusation among many other things i just can not seem to understand why she went as far as calling the cops hounding my vehicle and having the Philadelphia Police Search for me when she (Tanya) just assisted me with my purchase. This situation could have turned out so much differently and i'm Highly Upset that her ignorance allowed this incident to occur.

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    I would like to hear back from a live person ASAP. My number is [protected]

Oct 07, 2019
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