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My name is S. Gray and I visited your store in Desoto, Tx #07374 today approximately 18:25 and received very poor service. I approach the cashier and asked where can I purchase a phone charger but not the original android charger and she responded by saying that is a c type. I asked which one is that and she said I don't know, you have to look through it and find it. She went on taking the next customer at another register. I located the charger I was looking to purchase and she continued to take ppl after me and never returned to the register. I asked her should I come to that register and she responded no mam, are you ready? She returned after helping the people that formed a line at that register and begin to scan my items. I asked her, are the sodas on sale and she said it will take it off at the end and then she said well it didn't. I advised her the sign say 3 for $4. She said I will check but by then I was frustrated and ready to leave. I asked her to just remove the items and she walked saying I still have to get someone. She came back with another lady and the lady explained it has to be the same price to get 3 for $4 and I asked if the sign states that and her response was, "I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT SAY!!!" She walked off and called the next customer to the register. I paid for the remaining items I had and asked the clerk who can I make a complaint with and she responded with a smirk on her face pointing at the other lady saying, she is the store manager. I asked for corporate number and her response was, I don't know all that! I approached the manager and she wouldn't even look at me so I just asked what is corporate number and she ignored me. I asked her for her name and she ignored me again and I asked again and she said Jessica. I asked was that really her name and she ignored me. I left the store and called back and asked who am I speaking to and she said Jaime. I told her she is rude and her response was I don't give a [censored] This is acceptable and why in this community you would allow someone who clearly does not care about customer service. Please contact me with a follow or direct me to someone that can assist me. I will not allow this to get a pass. Thank you!

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Family Dollar Stores

Sep 28, 2019
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