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Store number 11150: 10/4/2019 at 13:46pm Gain softener was price $5 instead of $3.95. Told the cashier and manager about it but they didn't want to do anything about it saying they can't change the price in their system. I know it's only a few dollars but their attitude towards me that's what pisses me off. I told her to give me a refund and they did with an attitude. It was suppose to be $5.46 but she gave me back only $3. I asked her for my receipt back because I bought others items too but she refused saying she will need to submit it to corporate. That's a total bs right there. She probably pocketed the other $2 dollars. I shop at this store several times and never have they greeted me nor say thank you when I'm done paying. Never again will I shop at this location again.

Family Dollar Stores

Oct 04, 2019
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  • Th
      Oct 04, 2019

    Did you use the coupon or did you not read like most ignorant customers do?

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  • Km
      Oct 04, 2019

    @TheManager Right, the $2 coupon did still get applied in the original purchase, which $5 minus $2 applied coupon would have been $3 which is what you say you got back. The only problem was the price drop price didn't apply, which would have saved an additional $1.05. Many managers are uncomfortable with doing price overrides which really they should get over it, cause corporate only has a problem with price overrides over 50%, or excessive number of overrides. This override would have been less than 25%, barely over 20%, and probably would only have to happen once since most customers probably wouldn't have noticed the price drop price wasn't working. They do not need to keep the receipt either cause the system keeps a 2 week digital journal on the register.

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