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Ta Aug 15, 2019 Review updated:

Why in the world would public not be allowed to use restrooms while shopping here? If you have an emergency and are refused access it will likely cause an unfortunate accident.
If it's such an issue require a token purchase to those that need to use facilities.
This is a reason not to shop at this business.
The young employees on duty were talking amongst themselves and there were very few customers in this store. It's rude and extremely poor customer service.

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  •   Aug 15, 2019

    Stores by law only need to supply bathrooms for customers if food is present. Food isn’t served so bathrooms aren’t for the public. Customers leave messes, clog toilets and steal toilet paper.

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  •   Aug 17, 2019

    @psrww When walking I’d rarely use a bathroom in a restaurant or store. The mess and germs were gross and I’d wash the seat before I sat down if I desperately had to go.

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  •   Aug 16, 2019

    most people don't spend that much time here in order to need the loo during their shopping.

    the only places I have seen family dollar in ny are in upper Bronx in particularly crappy neighborhoods. does this ring a clue as to why the loos are closed??? CLIENTELLEAREGHETTOTRASH!!!

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  • St
      Aug 26, 2019

    Just shop somewhere else. Sheesh

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