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Ok, these idiots called my house at 9:25pm… telling me how I unknowingly was registered and had won a free contest for a $300 gas card. Suspicious? Haha… I already knew it was a fake because the first thing I asked them was the company’s name. I then came here and saw that it had plenty of evidence pointing to fraud. After that I decided to have a little fun :)… Serria Martin was the girls name she had a thick Indian accent. She was telling me that it was a verification call and that to receive my gas card all I would have to do is pay a $1.95 shipping and processing charge for the next 3 days. I straight up told her that I was under no circumstances going to give out any credit card information. She proceeded to tell me that I wouldn’t have to and that all she needed was my name and my address. Sure. After the name and add. She said that she needed to make sure that I had a valid credit card. I again told her that I wasn’t going to give out any numbers. She responded by telling me that all she needed was my type of card. I was already pissed at her so I grabbed an old Simon Gift Card. After telling her the type she asked for the 16 digit number on the front of the card. ??? I was like wtf. I actually had an argument with this girl about how the 16 digits on the card were personal. She insisted that the only the number on the back of the card was the secure number and that she was not going to ever ask for it. I was using an empty gift card so I just went with it to see how far she would go to get the number on the back… After giving her the numbers on the front she told me “now all you need to do to receive your free $300 gas card that you can use at any gas station of your choice is give me the 3 digit CC number on the back of your credit card” ?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?! I flipped out on her. Cussed her out. Then I asked her why she needs it if all she needs to do is verify the card. She explained that in order to verify the card she would have to charge a “trial charge” of $1.95 to assure there is sufficient funds on the card. She then proceeded to tell me that the “trial charge” would be immediately refunded back to the card. Haha wow. These scams get better and better by the day. I talked to the girl for almost 25 more minutes. I started calling her “babe” “baby” and best of all “sweetheart” then I started asking her all kinds of personal questions. I told her I was a doctor and had always dreamed of having an Indian wife and she should come live with me… geez. After I had had my fun I said the stupid number to her. She then said “I appreciate you cooperation and we will be mailing your card to you in the next 7-10 business days.” I stopped her and said, “listen, what if I was to tell you that I know for a fact that everything about your company is fake and that I have given you a gift card number that has no money on it, and oh yea the address I gave you was fake too.” :) “click” she hangs up. I just sat there and laughed. She was the most determined telemarketer I had ever seen or heard of. She needs some type of award. This all went down about an hour ago haha. Fun night?
Enjoy… I highly recommend this tactic to anyone looking for a good laugh.


  • Mi
    MIKE Aug 11, 2008

    Working with PME*vip health card the companies promised 200 gas card with no restrictions. Charged 4.95 on 7-3 for shipping charge for VIP then 1.95 on 7-7 for EZ1rate and last charge for 49.90 on 7-21. I called to cancel on 7-15 but when my statement came the charges were still there. Called EZ today 8-11 and guess what they said no record of cancellation but they will take me off their memb er list but NO refund

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  • Vi
    vickey singh Sep 01, 2008

    i work for ez1rate the call cater located in india we dial for these process i was awre this was scam

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  • Vi
    vickey singh Sep 01, 2008

    hi guys i work for ez1 rate the call center is located in india is source by usa compnyany i was not knowing my god

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  • Jo
    Jon R. Linnertz Sep 13, 2008

    I got caught in the free gas card scam. When they called me they made it sound that they were working thru my bank. Like a real schmuck I let it slide. I know that they have bit my account for at least sixty bucks. Tryed for two months to cancel. They kept saying it was done yet next month there was the bill. I finially had to close my account and open a new one. I will no longer talk to any phone solicitier. I hang up in the first few seconds. I no longer does any good to request to talk to their supervisor and have your name removed from their call list. I thought these people were controlled by the federal communications commission, guess Either I was wrong or the "FCC" has fallen on its butt as far as regulation is concerned. Just another example of a failure in the great american machine!!!

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  • Pe
    peter Oct 08, 2008

    I just got the same call from 909-842-9148 ez1rate. A man with a thick India accent called and said "you have been selected to get a $300.00 gas card" this for being a good Visa customer. This had Scam written all over it. While he was talking a looked up the company and found this site and some others pointing to what I was thinking. He kept telling me this was not a scam and that they did not need any visa information, but then he asked for the 16 digit number on the front of my Visa card. I told him I was not going to give that to him. He insisted several times and also insisted that this was not a scam.

    My Visa company would never give out such a gift or promotion and if they did they would simply mail it to me since they have my mailing address. I should have had more fun with this guy but I was getting upset and then hung up on him. I tried to call the number back to see who picked up but it was an automated voice to have my number removed.


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  • No
    Noelle Oct 13, 2008

    I just got a phone call from this "company" about an hour ago as well.
    I got some guy named Winston with an accent that I had never heard befor. It was like Indian trying to sound chinese. He stated he was from ez1rate
    Telling me I am one of two people in my state that had been hand picked to get this $300 gas card. (wooha!! I am special!)
    And that to get it all he needed was to verify my address. I give him an address(not my own). All this time I am waiting for him to ask for my credit card number. Sure enough he does. But it was only to charge $1.95 for shipping. I decided to have some fun at this point and hear his reactions. I told him I would be just happy to give him the $1.95! Let me send them a money order right away and how it would be safer for both of us! He started talking about how that they cannot do that. And insisted to him that he would get his money. He then is like "let me get my office manager."
    That second could seriously hear him slightly shift...and it was the EXACT same guy he just made his voice more naisly! It was hilarious.
    I stated the same thing to him about how I would be more than happy to send them a money order! He started saying how they cannot do that. He however would not tell me why. Just how I should trust them and it was not a scam. And how I use my card all the time to buy gas, food and clothing, and how easy it is for them to steal my number with all the camras they have in stores. Yet I trust them I how that means I should also trust ez1rate. This got me kinda pissed cuz I work retail and I know for a fact it is nearly impossiable to steal card numbers when the person is right infront of you and how most of the time the cashier does not even touch the card. However I am giving my number to them over the phone. How do I know they are not a scam.
    At this point I rail roaded him into a debate about how easy it is to steal credit card numbers over the phone and online. And how I could probably set up a phone scam in a few hours.(not that I would) It was funny to get him to off hand admit to being a scam. :) Yet he was still saying how he needed my card number! He was determined.
    While all this was happening I googled ez1rate scams. Wow suprise suprise! 610 things found regarding them being a scam.
    I told him about how I found them online and how I got a buch of reports that they are a scam. He starting going "NO! They are all lies! That can't be!" "thats impossiable". I then tell them "well over 600 scam reports is a very hard thing to dispute hun. OH! And by the way! I love how your have been the same person the whole time. Just changed your voice! Great acting"
    He got all huffy and told me good by and hung up.

    It was just funny to see how bad they just wanted my card number. But that voice thing...that made my day. :)

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  • Ca
    Carol Oct 16, 2008

    Just received a similar call from EZ1Rate also... same scam... Offered a $300 gas card to be used at ANY gas station just for being such a good card holder with VISA and MC. All I had to do was give them my credit card number so they could bill me for the $1.95 for shipping and handling. RIGHT! How rediculous!!! DO NOT GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER TO ANYONE YOU DON'T KNOW, OR WHO YOU, YOURSELF, HAVE NOT INITIATED A TRANSACTION WITH A REPUTABLE COMPANY!!! Had asked to speak to the first gal's supervisor, and she was very happy to turn me over to a "Sean Williams", and he even was willing to give me his company's security ID number, big deal... since the company's a scam, so what is his ID number worth?... duh! Told him if he wanted to send me something in the mail to look over, I'd be glad then to make a decision... of course, this wouldn't be possible, so I asked to be removed from his calling list... more arguments, so I hung up!

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  • Li
    lil Oct 23, 2008

    i was just called by "joe lee" @ ez1rate in carson city, nv @ 1/8009238939. didn't give him any info of course. i told him i would call him back. he seemed to believe it and even said "thank you". what a bunch of nuts!!! we should all call @ one time and jam their phone lines. DON'T EVER GIVE YOUR INFO OUT WHEN SOMEONE RANDOMLY SOLICITS YOU!!!

    everyone should file complaints with their attorney generals office. i'm doing that next!!!

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  • Ru
    Ruthy Oct 27, 2008

    I just got a call from ez1rate, had never heard of this company & wouldnt give my credit card number over the phone even if I had. they offered me a $300 gas card they just needed my expiration date on my cc & all I had to pay was $1.95. I told them I didnt have a cc and the guy on the phone said "can you go to the store and buy a pre-paid card and we'll call you back tomorrow to get the date" I started laughing. when I told him I couldnt afford to buy a pre-paid card he just said o.k and hung up.

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  • Za
    zairul Oct 29, 2008

    no i do not agree with all these complaints the same call from ez1rate had come to my house 1 day my wife gave them her debit card no. and seriously they deduct only $ 1.95 from my account of shipping and handling & processing fee of the package no extra bill was made to me, i am using it very nicely i think you had not gone forward with them otherwise you would not had said like this on this complaintsboard

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  • Jo
    Joe P Nov 03, 2008

    I got the same scam call today. I asked for a phone number where I could call back after I had verified certain information about their company. The caller "Sandra, employee ID 3023" stated that they cannot take incoming calls. "So you just expect me to give you personal information based on one phone call?" I got that same speech as the above poster, about how we use our credit cards every day to buy food and gas and stuff, and just by giving her the account number was in no way endangering my funds or identity. I had to tell her 3 different times that I wasn't even going to give out an address, let alone a credit card number, to a stranger calling me. Finally, she said "have a good day" and hung up. The incoming number was blocked, BTW.

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  • Ma
    Mark Nov 21, 2008

    These guys are the worst!!
    I said forget it and they called me back 12 times..Angel..a manager with a thick Indian accent..they need to be stopped.
    How could we call you if you are on the do not call list if we aren't a ligitimate business??

    Their ILL Logic was humorous to say the least.

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  • Re
    rex Nov 22, 2008

    these scammers are sticking their ### in mumbai (india)
    the company name is silgates solutions...

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  • Re
    rex Nov 22, 2008


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  • St
    Steve Nov 28, 2008

    Just got the second call from lady in thick Indian accent, very persistently offering $300 gas coupon. A week or so ago, I had received such a call, but repeatedly refused it and didn't get much more information than that I had won a gas coupon. I may have heard ez1rate at the very beginning of the call, but not after. Just now, my wife answered the phone and got what sounded like the same woman, making the same offer. The caller confirmed our address and phone number, and indicated that once we had agreed they would send this gas coupon, at which point we would send them $6.95 for shipping. When my wife asked more what was involved, the caller said that we also were eligible for a medical discount card. At that point we said we weren't interested and what with one thing and the other in the difficulty of understanding the heavy accent, the caller hung up. But the offer may be changing in appearance slightly.

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  • De
    devil_scamer Jan 23, 2009

    my name is kris roster i use to work for ez1rate and its been a scam company never provide ur card information to them as we ask 4 the card for the sake of verification we dont have any card software with the help of which we have ur informations
    i left the company bcoz i felt bad after working as a scammer so really soryy for those who have been my victim
    but its my bread and butter so plz pardon me
    the place where u get these calls are not pheniox az
    but we call u frm india
    the adress is
    nnt(silgate solutions)
    kopar khairnar
    sorry again guys b cool

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  • Ke
    Kevin Vu Apr 23, 2009

    They continue to call me on a daily basis even after I tell them to take my name off of their database, so one day I decided to ask to speak to the manager. This is the information that I got from him.

    Company Name: EZ1Rate
    Representative I spoke to: Joe Malan
    Manager I spoke to: Josh Hebby
    Phone Number: 1-800-923-8939
    Address: 120 Rosebury Ave., Carson City, NV 85723
    CEO of company: Jack Nelson

    I wanted him to give me the CEO's direct line and also the company's attorney information so that my attorney can contact them about harrassment. Josh Hebby would not give it to me when he heard that. I told him that I have told his company countless times to take my name off the list with little success. He said he will take my name off and promises that it will be taken off. I asked for an email confirmation to verify his statement and he said no. He then told me to have a good day and hung up. I'm not sure if they're going to call me back or not after this conversation with the manager.

    Next time anyone calls you from this number, ask to speak to the manager. Then ask for all the information that I asked for. Then keep asking for their attorney information until they get annoyed and make sure you mention wanting to have your attorney contact them because of harrassment by their company. I hope this helps.

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