Extended Stay Americaethics

G Nov 15, 2019

I went there on November 14th, 2019. My girlfriend was taking a bath and ended up falling asleep in the tub for about an hour. The bathtub was not replaired correctly and ended up leaking the the neighbor below. Which was not my fault. Well willfredo came upstairs after fining the water downstairs. When I had called they asked if I perfer smoking or non smoking room. I thought it was a smoking room and when willfredo came to the room I had a cigarette that I just lit. He proceeds to say, "your smoking in here?" I died it out and said sorry about the cigarette. I would have not smoked. Another cigarette and would have paid the cleaning f. But then says your gonna have to check out tonight. I said okay. Then he said he would be right back. He comes back and says that he just finished mopping up all the water, "not my fault".. he must have been really mad about having to mop up. I was pretty upset having to leave after I took my prescribed sleeping medicine. After he said we have 5 minutes to get ready and that he will wait for us outside the door and that we're wasting time talking about it. I got ready to leave and told him the tub thing is not my fault. I'm a certified plumber and I know what was and was not my fault with the tub. The overflow was improperly sealed on it. I request that I am contacted on the situation. I will pay the cleaning fee for smoking but I was some type of refund. Cigarette is my fault but do you get kicked out if You smoked a cigarette? The tub overflow is totally not my fault though. Willfredo also has a problem with customer service. He is the rudest employee I've met at a hotel. Thanks please reply.

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