Extended Stay Americacustomer service front desk help

T Jul 23, 2019

I attempted to check into my motel this evening for a week stay I was met by a guy named Maurice Denson who at first had me standing in the hallway and did not want to let me in and I explained to him that this is a direct bill pay and that he is not to get a incidental card from myself my company handles all of the payments and he wanted to argue with me and tell me no he would not be checking me in without a credit card for incidentals he was rude and arrogant, I advised him that I would be making a customer complaint he told me he did not care and then did not want to give his name or his employers name is boss

  • Updated by Toxicspuzz · Jul 23, 2019

    There was another gift standing at the desk when all of this occurred and she explained to me that she had checked in the night before and received the same kind of attitude and arrogance from this Maurice guy

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