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I was contacted by a salesperson to setup an appointment in SF. I was told that I would be meeting a member who can tell me more about the company and the services.

I went to the initial interview and met the west coast director of the company - Chris. Their office is small, with three individual offices and a receptionist. When I was filling out the questionnaire (didn't fill out everything), I heard the receptionist calling different gymnasiums to host an event there. She was not very professional though, she didn't even identify herself as an employee of Events and Adventures.
Initially, he seemed friendly and explained what they had to offer me.

Chris seemed to be friendly at first. He asked me a few questions such as my reason for inquiring about their services and my dating life. I was told that since there's an one year commitment, people in this "community" treat each other with respect and that's how their "safe" dating environment is created. I asked about what people do if one ends up dating someone in the "community" and then have a nasty break-up? He avoided answering the question directly and just said that people treat each other with respect. That seemed to be his "go to" answer.

After he told me about how much the membership costs, I was a bit taken back. I told Chris that I would have to think about it. He asked me what there was to think about, to which I replied that there are other options around that I would like to explore before committing. He tells me that there are no other programs like theirs in the bay. I doubt that. Then he asked me to tell him in an interrogating manner which program I knew about. That was the first flag. He became confrontational.

Then I told him that I was just there to find out more about their services and that I was not going to decide one way or another that day, that I'd have to go home and think about it and talk to my girlfriends about it. His reply was "do you always make decisions with your friends?" I drew the line right there. Second red flag. A BIG one. You can be a pushy salesman, but you don't make offensive remarks because any logical salesperson would know that that HURTS your business. I didn't give in. I told him that I would think about it and that I would contact him or come back to the office if I decide that this is something I want to do.

He told me that I can give him a down payment first, then the rest can be paid monthly. Third red flag. It's all about $$$$. Money there and then? NO WAY. If I am going to pay $2000, I better think it through before I dish out the money. I refused, and said firmly that I am not deciding that day and that I am not signing up without thinking it through at home. He said that if I don't sign up that day, I wouldn't sign up and that's his experience. When I showed no change of mind, he said "good luck with your love life" (sarcastically) as if I am never going to return (at this point, after all the red flags and seeing how his behaviors have changed, of course I wasn't going back) I then asked for a business card from him so I can contact in the event that I do want to sign up. He pointed to them on his desk, didn't even make the effort to hand it to me. Neither did he stand up nor shook my hand to say goodbye. Furthermore, he told me to leave the door open.

I stormed out of there.

If this was a legitimate and good business, the salesperson would not have behaved such a way when he couldn't make the sale. It is highly sketchy. Please beware!!!


  • Pk
    pkpxwb Mar 28, 2011

    I was a victim of it in St Louis chapter.They fleeced me whopping 1500 usd and I did not use them more than 2-3 times.You pay 1500 usd and then pay extra bucks for each event plus 30 usd every month.Its a Rip Off.Plus you cannot terminate the membership unless you are dead.They fully minded people and the events really suck.I could do a much pretty job free of cost.I Request people not to get trapped with their false promises unless you have extra cash to throw around.

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  • Da
    Darrenseven7 Jun 03, 2011

    Really? Fleeced? Sometimes I wonder if people who whine all the time like you guys are still single because...They whine all the time like this! Get a life - wait, you passed on that. I've been a member for over a year, and I love the club. Yes, I actually (gasp) renewed my membership. I'd feel like an idiot if I wasn't having so much fun (what did you do last weekend?). I'm in Phoenix, check out the facebook at events and adventures phoenix. THAT is the place to find out what active members think about the club. Maybe the problem with you guys is that you are so busy trying to find the negative in everything that you forgot how to have FUN! One of you never even joined - how can you have any idea whether E&A is good or bad? At least the other guy might have gone to a couple events. I interviewed in Phoenix, so I have no clue what they are like in SF, but my interview was a typical sales interview. I filled out a bunch of paperwork, I passed whatever their minimum criteria was, then they tried to sell me a membership. What did you THINK was going to happen? Yeah, it was pricey, but I was BORED TO DEATH before I joined. BTW what does "They fully minded people" mean? Your comments aren't even literate. I guess that is a knock on the club - they let you in...Wow, what a great way to get my frustrations out after an irritating day at work. Feel much better now, thanks.

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  • St
    Steve Williams Jun 10, 2019

    @Darrenseven7 your comments are very similar in lingo to the untamed idiots I encountered at the only event I could stomach. Do everyone a favor---don't procreate.

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  • Sm
    smt372 Jun 09, 2011

    I am serious about this and looking online I think we have enough complaints to pull this off. I am looking to start a class action law suit against this Events and Adventures organization...if any have been mistreated, misled, email me at [email protected] with your name, a brief of what happened and whether or not you have hard evidence, emails, returned letters, any documentation on the poor treatment they send out. You want your money back? I know I do. I am fired up they are getting $4k of my hard earned dollars...anyway...I need to create a list of plaintiffs before I can procede with any action. Help me and help yourself and email me.

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  • Th
    The Vip Jun 20, 2011

    Hmm... I was wondering why they didnt want to tell me the costs over the phone as most business would. Now I can see why. $2000? I dont have that kind of cash available to waste. I think I will just block their phone number on my phone and block their e-mail address. This seems just as bad as those online dating sites (not that I was looking for dates in this organization) Thanks ppl for informing me of the $2000 cost. In the end though, if there is something you like to do, there is always an organization for that event available at a reasonable price.

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  • Sh
    Shellbell111 May 11, 2012

    I got sucked in to join in Vancouver, BC WHAT A JOKE

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  • Sp
    Speak up! Oct 30, 2013

    I was a member of this club... I got sucked in as because I got told that it was a “FUN” way to get out there and meet new “like minded” business professionals and that the professional staff organized amazing events, all I had to do was sign up and show up. Upon joining I questioned where these “events” were mainly located as I did not live in Vancouver and wanted to ensure they were easily accessible. Of course I was told that “events” were equally distributed from Vancouver to Abbotsford.
    I have to say that what I bought into was not what I got at all!

    This club is about as organized as a kindergarten class run by a two year old.

    “Events” are mainly in Vancouver… the majority of members are not “like minded” business professionals; the “events” are not organized properly, not on time and usually not even booked with venue we were attending.
    They “claim” that you get “group discount” because you are an “exclusive” member of “Events and Adventures” or better known as “E&A”, however they don’t mention that they OVERCHARGE for any event they can! Volleyball, Laser Tag, Weekend Camping trips, International Trips and most recent Vegas 2013!
    I first notice this with laser tag. I signed up for this event and when I went to pay I was charged an additional $5.00. Now I get $5.00 is nothing these days; however I was told we were given a “group rate” as we are “exclusive” members. I called the laser tag place as oddly I was just there the night before and was informed that the charge per person was not what I was being charged by “E&A”. When I questioned “E&A” staff member at the time (which has been at times a revolving door of staff) I was not given a direct answer and the buck got passed until no reply was given.
    This continued with many little “events” that they “claimed” were free initially.
    The next big one I noticed this was on an international trip that I took with “E&A”… they give you a break down of each price and it all looks legit, so I booked. Well this was so not the case, upon looking into cost further I was told directly by a hired E&A staff that if I went privately it would have been $800.00 less than what E&A charged!
    Another trip that I looked into was Vegas 2013, well according to them we got VIP treatment and staying in a luxury 5 star resort, VIP entrance to pools, VIP shuttle service, VIP bottle service etc. None of this was true!! The resort was undergoing renovations, used to be called The Old IP (Imperial Palace) and now called The Quad. Rooms smelled like mold, late 80’s decor, took nearly 3 hours just to check in… as for any VIP entrance or service that was a joke. VIP shuttle was only one way, and bottle service was a 40 of Vodka, each person was lucky if they even got a shot. They claimed VIP wrist bands for unlimited drinking at one of the bars were $79.00 however I could buy one for $45.00!!
    After this trip I limited my “Adventures” and “Events” as I feel I am being ripped off!
    I wrote many letters of complaints to the company with no responsibility taken by them in any way. Their paid employees have no official training to deal with the general public as they do, they have no conflict resolutions training, are highly emotional, I have seen them get drunk at events or sometimes emotionally break down.
    If you make a stink about it within the group they slowly freeze you out, they either “claim” that the event is full, or your credit card is not working or they freeze your membership without cause or they claim to have complaints about you, yet not once are copies of complaint provided, even though as a member you are entitled to see them. (I am not just speaking for myself here, E&A have fired host for no formal reasons, yet when they are desperate they offer them the position back months later and say it was all a mistake)
    Basically all and all they lie. You can see more evidence of what I am saying if you Google [redacted]s on even see their standing with the Better Business Bureaus
    Basically they claim this is a club for business professionals, it is not… you got money you are in.
    They say they do back ground checks, they don’t.
    They say the “organize events”, honestly if it was not for the member hosts double checking the “events” some of these “events” would not even take place.
    They say you get “group” discounts, you don’t… they nickel and dime you every step of the way.

    I have not yet met one repeat customer of E&A’s, once the contract is over people run!


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  • Yk
    y.k.wood Dec 24, 2014

    I agree with this complaint. I am a member myself and have been ripped off of 2355$ by this company. the events are free to the general public anyway. so what are we paying 2355$ for. also the 72 hr cancelation time is a joke. it will take longer than this to go to the first event and realize you have been ripped off. I asked about the cancelation time in my interview before I joined, I was told by the girl that signed me up " o yes you can cancel at anytime and get a full refund for the time you have not used, what a joke. this was nothing but a lie. I wish I would have researched this company more, but I did not realize until they took my money that the reviews I was reading, about how great it all was, were fake and planted by the staff themselves. run away from these rip off artists. they lie and steal your money, I would love to sue them. I am looking into lawyers right now. another member sent them a letter from a lawyer and they gave him half of his money back. but he paid 4000.00$.

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  • Sa
    SanFid May 27, 2017

    @y.k.wood Hi,
    I have had the exact same experience. I would love to join others looking into lawyers of a group lawsuit would help us get our money back!
    I realize your post was a few years ago. If you have any information please do contact me [email protected]

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  • Td
    TDEvans Apr 26, 2017

    I was approached by Events and Adventures, and met today with them in Houston to be "considered" for membership.

    They mention some of the costs, and I had to "pry" to get more details. While I can easily afford this group, I'm disturbed by the marketing approach that doesn't clearly disclose costs to prospective members.

    Bottom line:
    - if you join, you're committing to spending at least $5, 500/yr to be a "member" before you attend one event.
    - you will NOT be able to get costs in writing
    - they can change costs at any time
    - I've read numerous posts about credit ratings being dinged when people try to leave the group.
    - You cannot "try it out" by attending one or two events first.

    My suggestion to them: Make all costs clear and transparent. Otherwise, you reputation will eventually bring you down.

    I've asked for a detailed cost breakdown in writing. IF I receive it, I'll consider amending this review.

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  • St
    Steve Williams Jun 10, 2019

    I joined for a 6 month period in February 2019. Staff misrepresent the services expected. They ask questions, then use your answers to lie about their service. When I told staff that I must be around respectful people with good values, they assured me that Events & Adventures has an environment similar to what I described. The company boasts a private, "elite" group of people. I attended ONE event, which alone praoved a completely opposite situation. Given the extremely inappropriate behavior--yelling, profanity, sexual references and gestures, and overall foolishness--I was not comfortable attending more events. Then I read reviews such as on Yelp and the BBB, to find that "SCAM" is the word.

    I reported the inappropriate behavior to Events & Adventures, and it was met with the most unprofessional and unaccountable mentality I have ever encountered. They collected information, on a first phone call, on what happened at the event for their own internal purposes. Firstly, I had told the slick salesman when I signed up that I was raised with good values and wanted to be around like-minded people. They assured I would--LIE!!! Secondly, they have done nothing but insist that I keep going to events--after I told them repeatedly that I am uncomfortable being in situations that likely would include the same behavior. The events are open to all members, and the Company approves these people for membership.

    A separate phone call was made TO ME to collect information on what happened at the one event. The staff person told me that he would talk to "corporate" about it to see what type of solution could be formed. When he did not follow up with me for more than a week, I tried following up, asking to speak to him. My name and cell were taken down for a return phone call, and then within minutes I received an email from a third individual, rudely telling me that no refund was to be expected and that an events manager was notified to possibly help me go to MORE events--AGAIN!!

    A little later that same day, the president, Mark Owen, emailed me and rattled off a list of accusations about my behavior--that I was slandering the company, harassing staff, and so on. So if you follow up with someone who originally reached out to you about a legit complaint, E&A terms it harassment. Just like their sales pitch...misrepresentation of the facts. And let's add "refusal to do anything, but count the bank roll". So the president of Events & Adventures uses a psychological mind game of inaccurate finger pointing to turn the table on a legit complaint I have made--to somehow bully me to back off on my complaint??

    You want to bully me, Mark Owen? Come at me, Bro!!! Come at me!!! After the way I have been treated by your scamming company misrepresenting and stealing my money, I am not backing down when representing the TRUTH about your unethical company. And if you want to come at ME with slander, how about you sue everyone else that left legit complaints on Yelp and other sites for YEARS...YEARS...citing inappropriate and unethical actions by your company. I have emails proving the company's attempt to do nothing! Then you try to flip the script and falsely accuse me!

    When I say repeatedly that I do not want to be in situations where inappropriate behavior is aplenty, your company tells me that I have no choice but to tolerate it. I went to ONE event. Had I been allowed to prove, by attending one event before paying, that your staff misrepresented the events and people involved, then I could have made an ACCURATE, INFORMED decision to avoid indecent, inappropriate behavior. But instead, your company misrepresents and a 3-day cancellation contract then equates to SCAM. There aren't events "every day", so a member can not pay for services, attend to a first event and find out the TRUTH, and still have time to cancel.


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  • Pe
    pepperch Sep 24, 2019

    I agree that the interview and the hedging on the cost were very off-putting. I sort of went with it thinking that: 1) if you are paying for the membership that you will weed out cat-fishing types; 2) The idea of meeting people at an event like hiking or wine-tasting instead of online is appealing; 3) She said the age group was mostly 45-60, post-graduate educations were common-lots of academics and professionals; 4) They are very strict about members being single; 5) The events looked fun. As a plus, she asked if she could suggest members to me or me to members that shared interests. Not essential, but it could be helpful. Meeting people post-divorce-after 21 years in a marriage, in middle age is's nice to have a little help. So, I joined. My main issue is not so much the cost per se-I knew I was forking over a lot to do this. My issue is that they tell everyone what they want to hear. The events I've gone on have been mostly people in their 30s-40s. And it's funny because there are people complaining everyone is over 50. No, they're not. As someone in their 50s, I can tell you, these people are way too young, and I'm youthful. I hike, play guitar, ski, keep up with music and movies, my fashion is current and I still feel old there. That's just what the 20-early 30-somethings think. There are also far more women than men in the club from what I can tell. Another thing that she told me during the interview was there were more men than women. Finally, if you look at the facebook page as a member, most of the people on there are involved in a relationship. Not married but not single. And most of the people I talked to at the last event (women) were not only not looking for a singles club, they acted like that was somehow-for lack of a better work-lame. Bottom line: the main issue with this company is not that they don't provide "events" for people who are somewhat single, it's that they misrepresent their demographic and their purpose. I would not have joined if I had seen the membership statistics.

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  • Sf
    sfgirl123 Feb 27, 2020

    I agree with all of these posts. I am extremely frustrated with this service and have tried to get out of the contract. They claim I need to pay $1800.

    Has anyone had success with getting out of the contract? Or do you continue to pay the full amount?

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