• Ro
    Rosemere Feb 13, 2010

    I had the same experience as you all did with EliteMeeting. I put my profile up and started to receiving a lot of emails from various good looking men. Of course, couldn't respond to any of them until I purchased a membership. I chose their Silver membership for 1 month for a total of $150.00!! Right after responding to all of them, they simply vanished and never to be heard from again...I was livid and right there and then I knew, I've been had! I wrote directly to Tai and demanded my money back...he responded saying that he would upgrade my membership...I refused saying it was unacceptable and, again, demanded for a full refund. I was lucky, he agreed and processed my full refund of $150.00!

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  • Fi
    Fizzing Mad of Surrey Feb 06, 2010

    Shame I didn't read all of your comments before handing over the required £200!!! It is as you all said, emails daily until you join. I have searched members too and have to say - no offence - but they are the ugliest bunch of men on this planet!!! It has been an expensive lesson, one I will never repeat.

    Julie, UK

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  • El
    Elitemeetingscam Feb 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    YES THIS SITE IS ABSOLUTELY A SCAM! I emailed them 3 times and never get any response. I cancelled my account and ask for refund and no one reply at all. I even called the toll free number [protected] no call back. To all of you out there who don't believe email me, and I will send you the copy of the charges from my bank. Of course, I will not complain if its not a scam site.

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  • On
    OneinAMillionLady Feb 06, 2010

    Hi--Same deal here as most women, except that I'll emphasize that I took A LOT of time to completely fill out a thoughtful, intriguing, and honest profile, including multiple photos. I ended up corresponding with one guy who's for real but who thought it was acceptable to ask me to "hold" while on an IM during our first meeting and then didn't return. Rude!

    Here are my "fake contacts" for future reference: markjonesD, yourmomtoldyou, kelleyaan, neeluc, JonJones5, Alamo001, and Brent3269. The messages were all generic and often nonsenical, such as a two-line apology for including his ex-wife in the photo in one case or a casual comment about being sick of the club scene and wanting to hook up.

    I wrote to Tai and asked for a refund and for him to look into why no one had even LOOKED AT my profile for the 2.5 weeks after I paid my membership fee. Surprise: No response!

    Two people have looked, but not written, since then.

    I think that I'll take the suggestion for creating an incomplete and silly profile and see where it takes me as fodder for reporting this site to the Better Business Bureau and Attorney General's Office. I'm also filing a complaint with Facebook.

    Please join those of us who are ticked off at being manipulated and swindled by these con artists.

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  • Se
    searchinfortruth Feb 01, 2010

    I agree. I set up two profiles, both with my pictures. One of the profiles I created using sexy pics of myself and the other using more conservative pics. Oddly enough, both of my profiles kept getting mail from the exact same ‘so called members.’ At first I thought it was merely a coincidence until I realized that they were hitting one of my accounts 2 hours prior to popping up into my second account. I never paid the membership fee, so I do not know what was said in the body of the emails, but the subject line in each email was always exactly the same in both accounts. In one of my accounts 8 out of 9 of my emails were identical to that in my second account. My second account, even though it was set up later on had 2 extra emails in it… very likely actual members; one was 20 years older than me… no thanks and the other; not a millionaire.

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  • Lu
    Luv2TalkShhht Jan 30, 2010

    SCAM!!! I never posted a photo and fake guys are emailing me off the hook. So...I suspended my profile and continued to receive fake emails. One even said "Nice Profile". HA That's nice, how can you see it when my profile is suspended and hidden? Whatever. I am filing a complaint and also emailing Facebook all the info I found on this scam site because that's how I found about them. They should be ashamed of themselves, preying on people to make a quick dollar. ###!!! GAME OVER SUCKA.

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  • Mu
    Mudra33 Jan 29, 2010

    I emailed the guy via the website and I believe his response says it all.



    In order to read/ reply to messages, you would need to upgrade. But,
    it is free to send out the first message to members that have not already contacted you - go ahead, do some searches send out some messages, see what happens :) You can also correspond with our gold members free.


    ---------------------Original Message-----------------------

    Date: 01-26-2010

    To: Tlo

    Dear T,

    Since joining your site in December I have been travelling around Asia. I'm now relocated to the awesome city of Sydney, Australia.
    Today I signed on to your site to discover over 100 messages waiting for me, all of them from attractive ladies. Now here is the catch, I'm not able to read any of the messages unless I upgrade my membership, the one that makes the most economical sense is the 3 month Silver or Gold membership, at between $200 - $250. Currently I'm only on the free service.
    To be honest, I'm worried that these messages could be bogus is someone, or perhaps just insincere. Whatever the case, I have no way of knowing unless I pay up. I'm very sceptical about paying such a large amount upfront just to read the messages, what if they are all essentially junk mail.

    Secondly most of the messages appear to be from ladies within the United States. At the time, my profile stated I was resident in South Africa. So I'm sceptical that ladies from the US would contact a guy 1000's of miles away on the tip of the African continent. The barriers to actually meeting up are rather huge, this is not just a casual trip across the pond. It's more than 24 hours of flying, including transfers. So it's a long way. So this also increases my suspicion that the messages are just junk, probably to entice me into paying, well a minimum of around $120 to access silver membership for a month. So I must say I'm sceptical...

    Personally I think it would be best if I could read at least some of the messages. Then should I wish to reply, then and only then, would I expect to pay a premium for continuing the contact. This is at least how other websites work, including /, which is advertising heavily on television here in Australia.

    If the messages came from ladies within South Africa I would be less sceptical, and now of course they should come from Sydney, or at least within Australia (r perhaps New Zealand). This is not the case though.

    So yes, I'm still interested in reading some of the messages. I'm prepared to pay the full $250 to reply, but not to simply read the messages, which may turn out to be nothing more than spam.

    What do you advise I do?

    Best regards,

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  • Sh
    shebes3250 Jan 24, 2010

    I have to say I was scammed also. Booo on this site. I was taken in by the daily emails from attractive, and some not so attractive males, maybe throwing in the not-so-hot was to elude suspicion. I am sorry to say, this site FAILS!! I paid my money and now the emails have stopped. Upon opening the daily emails I received for almost 3 months, I found a lot of them just said "Hi" or "How are you?". I replied to some and got one more maybe to keep the heat off the site. I am not, as witchiewoman8686 has suggested, an unattractive person. I am very attractive and do get a lot of attention when I go out but that's just it...WHEN I go out. I work a lot and have a busy home life so I unfortunately don't have a lot of time to socialize.
    Anyways my point is, people please DO NOT waste your money ond be taken for a fool. It happens to attractive, intelligent people too...don't be one of them. Goodbye $197.00US...goodbye.

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  • Li
    lislouno1 Jan 18, 2010


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  • Je
    Jeanring Jan 16, 2010

    Just to let you know that this MeetingMillionaires site is a SCAM of the biggest kind. I read some of these comments and they have obviously been written by some of the employees of the company. THIS HAS BEEN A SCAM SITE FOR YEARS - People like me living in Californian know all about it. The people on the site are all models and paid for their photos. The people running the site are millionaires taking money from others. Can you people see that there are no real live people who are ordinary on the site? Who would be stupid enough to send their personal qualifications to this company and their financial details ??? The privacy notice says they are not responsible for distributing your personal information to others or sell this information.

    The company "locks" you out if by random unless you can send in financial information which they then pass onto to others. Their greatest income is selling your personal information - how many of you have had your identity stolen?/ You will find is the biggest know scam in the UK and CAL.


    The FBI is now investigating to find out if they are scamming all over the USA. If your name is on their system you will be investigated too.

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  • Ch
    chris999999 Jan 14, 2010

    I'm legit ladies. Check me out on I'm chris999999 from Wausau, WI area. I'm still contemplating whether or not I should buy a membership.

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  • La
    lavina777 Jan 08, 2010

    OMG that site is a money grabbing fake dating site! i just took myself off (dont worry i never paid anything) and left the following message when i was asked why i was leaving...

    all the man that so called emailed me so i would be become a vip member either did not read my profile or are fake cos i was in NO way a match with them!!! i think its a fake website oh and i never knew that every american man looks up to 20 year younger on there photos and all can speak manderin or russian or chines ect you must think we woman are all stupid or very desparated to fall for your money grabbing website
    But geuss what not this lady and i can only hope someone will stop your website soon!!

    I can only hope that people who want to date via dating sites google them first and read all thats on here to safeguard them

    who ever started this THANKS and keep up the good work ;-)

    regards Maria (uk)

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  • Ju
    justafrend Jan 04, 2010

    Just out of curiosity I opened a free acct on this site with no picture, because I was intreste in browsing to see what it was about, , and in the text boxes put abunch of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxs, yyyyyyyyyyyyyyys and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs. I was amazed, and still am, with the numbe of mail messages I received (56 in one month) even two from males. I've read a few profiles and found that all successful women between 24 and 38 are itrested in moving anywhere in the world with men in their 40s and 50s (granted a statistically small sample of the overall population but it seems to be 100% of the elite women out there). Anyway the best approach I've found on these is to use a little creativity to get your personal e mail in to the body of the descripton. They all have filters to key on obvious e mail addresses but they aren't good at detecting creative approaches, use at not @, don't put .com or .net, spell out dot and use COMmercial for example. I figure if someone can't solve a elementry school level puzzle I probably wouldn't be intrested in them anyway.

    So I never said it is a scam with creative profiles and a well tuned spamming aproach but you read this far and are probably a bit further up the evolutionary ladder than a carrot.

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  • Li
    lisa bee1 Jan 04, 2010

    I agree there is something very starnge about this site. I have joined many and not had any such experience. I first joined as a free member with no photo posted! I received a steady stream of emails around two a day from model like men! They did not know what I looked like! Then I posted a pic...still got a steady stream coming through...all very good looking and 95 per cent of them from Americans even though I reside in the uk! This is either a scam or american men are desperate to have a english woman!!! I was just about to join but had bad vibes so checked the site out by using goodle and found out many people have had this same experience. This site certainly gives you an ego boost...until you join and pay money so it would seem!

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  • To
    Tom T 2009 Dec 29, 2009

    EliteMeeting is a scam. As is AnastasiaDate. Any site that generates this much mail to anyone is a scam. The pull is to get you to subscribe, just so you can read/respond. The fake profiles throw you either computer-generated (in the case of EliteMeeting) or human-generated (AnastasiaDate) messages. In the case of EliteMeeting, it is simply to get you to pay for a membership fee. In the case of AnastasiaDate, the girls are paid per message read and per message received, and bonused by getting you to buy into extra services such as phone calls, video calls, etc.

    In any case, any site which charges you so much or in particular charges you on a per-message basis is a scam. So, to add a few more references for the spiders, EliteMeeting and AnastasiaDate are frauds, scams, fraudulent, scam, bad business, false.

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  • Gu
    gustaf Dec 29, 2009

    I was also dubious about receiving 1 - 2 emails per day from women that look like models when my profile said "just looking" and had no photo. What fianlly convinced me that it was a hoax (before this site) was when 2 of the women had a paragraph in their profiles that was identical to the word.

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  • Lo
    LovingLife2009 Dec 27, 2009

    Thanks to all who helped me save my time and money. Happy and Prosperous New Year to ALL.

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  • Na
    Natski Dec 26, 2009

    It seems that I am yet another sucker... Why didn't I think of this
    I Thought I would be the last person to fall for a dodgy site like this..

    After I finally upgraded to SILVER I too didn't recieve one reply... So what did I do?
    changed my personal information to sound more interesting...
    Still nothing...Started to take it really personally
    And now I feel emotionally raped

    I will now make it my lifes mission to make sure that this type of
    thing doesnt happen to other financially independent women looking
    to make a connection over the internet..

    I have one month left on my subscription... Once that ends Im Looking forward to receiving many dodgy emails yet again from the many wealthy hot guys just desperate to meet young women... Just wait...My response is gonna be pretty colourful...

    What a sucker I am
    Girl from Adelaide

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  • Br
    brandywine Dec 20, 2009

    Well, I'd have to say I agree, but not as angry as some. What isn't a scan these days?? when I joined, prior to paying (yes, got sucked in), I was getting tons of mail from ridiculously handsome men. Why were they emailing a generic profile with no photo? Well I had to join to read the messages. They were as if computer generated, all of them. So I replied to every single one, no returns. In my heart, I honestly think some if not all of the model-esque men just that, models.

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  • Bl
    BL Dec 15, 2009

    this is for betterthanyou and in support of julesbabe48

    I have to agree with you a %100 julesbabe48!!! betterthanyou, you sound so desperate and depressed that it's quite funny how you try to lash out on other people to try to solve your ###, maybe spend the time to stitch up your disgusting mouth than go on forums that try to worn other people from scams.

    you sound like a right old chav and you should just go home!

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  • Ik
    IKNEWIT Dec 15, 2009

    I completely agree. I'm SICK as I read the complaints and find that my suspicions and complaints are exactly the same. Even sicker when I see that MM is making so much money off from people who usually figure out it's a scam only AFTER paying the first time and then can't get their money back. I complained to MM... they offered me a free month of silver membership. Whoopy-doo! I've been on many dating sites through the years... this one SCREAMS "SCAM!!!". The most common thing I see is that everyone gets several emails a day, like clock-work, and then once you pay for membership it all comes to a screeching halt!! The people who supposedly sent you an email because they are interested in you don't ever bother to write back once you've responded to THEIR emails...and maybe 1 or 2 do (out of 180!!?) but it's just once, doesn't make much sense and then they disappear. Then, also like clock-work, once your subscription ends the emails from wonderful men start pouring in again. The thing I'm now finding interesting is that once again the emails and views of my profile have come to a screeching halt since they put me on my FREE membership yesterday! Interesting, I could count on waking up every morning to 2 emails from men on MM, then a couple more in the afternoon, then 2-3 more in the soon as you're a member, whether free or paying, it all stops. Sad thing is this...I DID do a search at the BBB before I paid for my first (and only paid) membership and didn't find anything negative on meetingmillionaires. How can that be?! I truly do believe that all of us with complaints better go to the BBB immediately and file complaints and also contact a National news channel (NBC Nightly News perhaps?) to ask them to investigate this company (as it seems they are scamming people using many different sites) and shut them down and hopefully send these thieves to prison. I HATE seeing people get away with this kind of crap!! If enough of us bring it to the attention of NBC News I think they would actually do something about it... these guys are making millions with their deceptive practices. Go now and file complaints anywhere and everywhere you can think of! Here are some samples of the emails I just read last night...and I guarantee you they will look familiar to you!! (Who knows, the dates might even be the same?!?!)

    Date: 12-06-09
    Subject: Good morning
    Good morning, big plans today?

    Date: 12-05-09
    Subject: Hi
    Hi, how are you? I have just been tinkering with my account today.

    Date: 12-02-09
    Subject: Looking for my last date
    Hey there. I decided to join recently. Kind of tired of the dating scene and hopefully will find my first and last date for awhile:)
    Have you met many people on here yet? I havent...

    Date: 11-28-09
    Subject: Aries
    I am an Aries, get along with those? (didnt know anything better to start with, sorry)

    Date: 11-04-09
    Subject: Tom
    How are you today. I am still recovering from all the sweets this weekend. Going to the gym double time!


    Let's stop these scam artists ASAP!!

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  • Bl
    BL Dec 15, 2009

    I personally think that the site is legit, but I think they are real snubs!!! I have joined now about more than a week ago and I have only received 1 email!!! I did not pay anything to become a member, I have got a complimentary "silver status" which should enable you to read and respond to almost everybody but they have still not responded, not even 1!!! I'm very disappointed at this site as they all seem to be normal but behave like ###!!! Sorry to be blunt but that's how I feel. I used to receive a lot more email in other dating websites and this one is dead.

    Also, although at joining this website I've received a welcoming email from the owner of website, he did not respond to me after questioning him the second time of how the website works and why no one emails you, ever.

    So there. that's my story. Make of it what you will.

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  • Ja
    JAMES JOHSON Dec 15, 2009

    I put up a fake profile. My profile summary was simply a cut and paste from two newspaper articles that make no sense. My location is Australia. Why am I getting 6 emails a day from porn star looking women in the USA when I did not even include a photo?



    Name: clitorisclitoris

    My Overall Description
    Perhaps he didn't notice the SUV parked across the road. If he did, he wasn't troubled by its blacked-out windows or any nagging hint of familiarity about its presence.

    In fact, if Tiger Woods thought so much as twice about what he was doing, then Mindy Lawton had no inkling of it as they enjoyed a secret assignation in Tiger's Cadillac Escalade 4x4 in a church car park soon after daybreak during a Florida spring.

    But every move of that alfresco encounter was recorded by a surveillance team of reporters and photographers from one of America's biggest-selling tabloid magazines. It was a scoop - the first example of what we now know to be a pattern of infidelity on Tiger's part.

    Description Of Who I Want To Meet

    FORMER Westpac retail and business banking boss Peter Hanlon has told colleagues he is leaving the "best job I've ever had", just a week after he became the public face of the shock decision to increase lending rates by almost double the Reserve Bank's interest rate rise.

    In an email to Westpac staff yesterday, Mr Hanlon said extensive work still remained on merging the Westpac retail and business banking divisions into the one portfolio, which he had spearheaded for the past 18 months.

    Chief executive Gail Kelly's decision to appoint Mr Hanlon as people and transformation head from February, and replace him with former BT boss Rob Coombe, was unexpected by most, The Australian reports.

    I have received emails from gorgeous looking girls every day since I signed up. WHAT RUBBISH!

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  • Ju
    julesbabe48 Nov 29, 2009

    Oh and this photo is for "better than you" obviously darling you are projecting your "crap" ...
    I am attractive inside and out which is more than I can say for you ... at least if we are "ugly" on the outside we can get that fixed ... what are you going to do?? hmmm ... "ugly on the inside" I think that should be your user name ...
    Jules Australia


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  • Ju
    julesbabe48 Nov 29, 2009

    Hi to everyone :)
    Let me explain my story .. I joined meeting millionaires as a Bronze member and in the three months of memeber ship I received three emails.. they were very similar ... very short about two to three lines and wern't relevent to anything I has written in my profile. My membership lapsed and the all of a sudden I started to recieve messages from men with interesting titles ... like .. Love the sun ... sun surf n beach... I thought this was strange and the only way I could read the messages was if I upgraed to silver which is a one of fee of $200 us.. I didnt ... then the most amazing thing !!! over the next two months I recieved 83 emails!! I knew in my gut that this was a con for me to upgrade, however, curiousity got the better of me and "yes" I paid the money!! Here is a copy of one of them, they are random two to three liners that are obvously written by "site writers"

    How are you today. I am still recovering from all the sweets this weekend. Going to the gym double time!

    This has nothing to do with my doesnt contain a name?
    I must tell you that by the time I open an read the 83 messages I could see a common theme of not very well written messages that relate to nothing, random topics and statements!! in fact some of them had London England where they lived and when I read their profiles they lived in New york? hysterical really!!
    Since I have sent the emails I have had three replys ... I have even asked if they are real people and they have avoided the question, I asked one if he had read my profile and he said was there something in there he should read? WHAT THA!! I have also said I travel to the Staes often, which is true and would love to meet at the airport layover etc but still no reply ...
    I have been on mate1 and eharmony and have met some lovely men and even flown to the States to stay with one, Oct just gone... this site is a scam so please please don't get sucked in!! follow your gut feelings .. if anything it gave me something to do on a raining day !!! lol answering 83 messages!!
    Oh and by the way I havnt had another message since.
    Jules Australia

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  • Bl
    blackbutt3rfly Nov 27, 2009

    The info very helpful. I have never paid for a dating site and never will. Thank you.

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  • Be
    betterthanyou Nov 26, 2009

    britney, you make no sense. first you say you get 1 0r 2 emails a day from good looking men then you say you did NOT (in big bold caps) fall for their scam, well sweetheart if your getting emails then im only to assume to paid for the site seeing as you're complaing about it. are you blonde? you must be, seriously. and you also must not be very good loooking because i am very attractive, on there, and haven't paid a dime to speak with anyone on that site. poor thing, its sad really. maybe everyone of you that are complaing about the site should spend your money on plastic surgery and make overs instead of dating sites and then coming a compliant board and ### about it. wow. idiots!

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  • So
    sooie Nov 23, 2009

    I am not sure about Elite and the change of name, but I admit I signed up - eventually - to and I have to agree - it is a con, and and a waste of money - but hey, you learn! I, too, got several emails from attractive men, which of course you cannot even read, so after a few weeks, you become intrigued, and you pay... and then you reply and your message goes unread... I have been on several dating sites and have never had a problem in men contacting me - they do seem to find me attractive. Regrettably I have yet to find the one that creates chemistry with me, but that's fine - if nothing else it has boosted my confidence and I have chatted and made friends with some lovely guys. But this site - I am sorry - it stinks!! Please do not waste your money on it like I have! The owner must be rolling in the aisles at all of us idiots that fell for his tricks!

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  • Lo
    lovingheart8888 Nov 21, 2009

    all the sites wether you pay or not Are all a waste of time rubbish, all the men are either married and wanting sex on the side. or online perverts. im not impressed with any of it.

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  • Jo
    johnson999 Nov 12, 2009

    Too many fake profiles on this site. I just returned to millionairecupid, com after a 3-months trying on this elitemeeting website.

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  • Ki
    kiricat Nov 06, 2009

    I joined for the same reasons as most, i had a lot of emails from attractive men, i thought long and hard and decided to go for it, only to find that the messages where one liners and i hardly got any response once i replied. I also realised there were hardly any men from England on it, i wrote to the owner and complained, he said it was a new site and they were building it up, i asked for a refund, he said that he would give me a higher membership and make it for a year, i replied what would be the point of a year on a site with no men from England, and demanded my money back.. I didnt get it but im still a member.

    I receive no emails at all from the site, so i know its a scam, something should be done about it, total waste of money, the guy is a con man and nothing else.

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  • Po
    Poker Nov 01, 2009

    The owner of eliteMeeting Tai... is the most unscrupulous dirtbag on the planet... funny how he even comes on this site, and creates a whole lot of negative votes for everyone that has a complaint against his site and super props to every stupid positive shameless promotion of his site... We know it is you Tai... get lost you stupid scammer...

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  • Fa
    fancypants Oct 27, 2009

    SCAM site for sure. last two days I received 2 overly gushy emails (after my complaint about the one-liners) from two 'different' men, with the exact same subject line, with the exact same typo and number of dots following "hello beautifull..."


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  • Re
    RealReviewerForYou Oct 27, 2009

    I can tell you for sure myself and the women I've dated are real. For the life of me I can't understand how these complaints can be real since my experience is the exact opposite. I think it is a great site, VERY glad I paid.

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  • Ca
    caron lee Oct 24, 2009

    Ohhhhhhhhh, My god! I was a fool not now!

    I wish I had googled this before I paid out the silver membership fees! I agree with you, this is a totally rubbish website! It's fake and scam! I never realize that web site can be fake! Oh MGD!

    I got many eamils from seems great guys after I joined to be a member, but I could not read them untill I paid a large money! Funny thing is I replied those emails and some of them just like disappeared!

    But very funny thing is : after three months, I got many emails again, and those wonderful just like come from outstars! Ofcourse I was asked to pay for reading those eamils!

    I wondered there are some problems in this website: how come people just email me after my subscribtion finish! Then I google this website, I got truth from you guys!

    But how can we stop this website since it's really a BIG scam?

    A stupid person from Asia!

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  • Ja
    Jaju Oct 23, 2009

    After joining free I got one message per day, like many others here. I waited for 2 months before I paid for the "silver" membership. After that I'v got nothing. I feel SO stupid!

    Fool from Finland

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  • Ca
    catcool Oct 20, 2009

    I signed up after getting three emails. Like an idiot, I trusted this web site without checking out the reviews of it. I heard back from one of the people and it wasn't very responsive. Haven't gotten a single email since then.

    This site is totally scam city. And they prey on people's loneliness. The worst kind of human beings. I wouldn't want their karma.

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  • Jo
    jo_king Oct 19, 2009

    I joined free and put up a profile a few weeks ago and received an email daily from what seemed like sincere men. I was so impressed with their profiles and surprised by the number of responses I was getting. So I finally paid to read those emails -then lo and behold - no further emails or replies. I wonder indeed if this is a scam. The emails that I did get were one liners, and it was evident that they were not responding to me - as their comments were all about themselves. Very disappointed with the quality after that. In addition - none of the men that you had to pay to see (silver level) had been 'authenticated'. The 140 fee for the year as noted above doesn't exist. I paid 200 for 3 months. We shall see. I seriously have my doubts about this.

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  • Tr
    trumpess Oct 16, 2009

    Meeting millionaires is bogus!! I got heaps of emails that was unable to read unless I paid to join. I contacted the site as I though that was strange.
    Anyway, curiosity got the better of me & I paid my membership only to read a bunch of ridiculous one liner emails that made no sense in relation to my profile.
    Clearly they were generic.
    I complained to the site who asked me why I was suspicious (probably so they would not be so obvious next time!?) & explained that some members bulk email the girls.
    They gave me an extra free month.
    I want my money back but they rejected my request.
    These people are no different to common thieves and deceptive aswell.
    I want my money back. Who do I need to contact to enforce my refund?

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  • Tr
    trumpess Oct 16, 2009

    I am disgusted with I was getting lots of emails & couldnt read them or respond without paying so I emailed the website directly as that seemed out of the ordinary for such a.
    Anyway out of curiosity I paid the fees and read the emails. They were one liners, so obviously generic & fake!!! I complained to the site who responded that some people send out bulk emails and asked what makes me suspicious. I guess they wanted an answer to that question so they could be smarter & less obvious to the next sucker They offered me an extra month for free.
    I wrote back that I wanted a refund but of course that was rejected. Who can I report these people to? Who can help me get refund? Dogs are what they are.

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