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ElanLinen Complaints & Reviews

ElanLinen / I'm waiting for refund

Dec 20, 2016

I have ordered a Christmas gift from and never heard anything from these people. I did not receive a payment confirmation and there was also no tracking number. When I tried to get in touch with ElanLinen customer care service they simply did not reply. The worst part...

ElanLinen / Very poor customer service

Jun 16, 2016

I have ordered a sheet set from ElanLinen website and it took a long time to receive it. Made my order in early March and received it only three month later. All that time while I was waiting I tried to get some information from ElanLinen customer service, but they were not able to tell me... / I didn't get the order. Seller is real artist

Aug 28, 2015

Awful website, so better avoid these guys. I have ordered from the website I placed the order 20 days ago, but the seller provided only wrong dates of the delivery. He was very slow and couldn’t tell the precise day or time, when I would get the order. But a week ago... / you can't complain for these people

Jul 08, 2015

People, don’t deal with the company I ordered bedding cover and cushions from them, but these people fooled me. They haven’t delivered the order and provided some fake excuses and promises. I called to the customer services and told that I wanted to... / The delivery was delayed and seller didn't respond

Jul 02, 2015

I ordered set for kids and bed cover from the company I paid for the order about $150 and the delivery was for free. Also the seller provided all required information about the purchase. But there was some delay and the seller didn’t warn me about it. I waited 3...