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I used elace.com to have some writing done. I just do not have enough time in my life. Most of the providers did good work. One provider did not finish her project and just disappeared. After a two months of trying to contact her I asked elace.com for a refund which I had prepaid for the project. I was told to down load a 4 page word document and fill it out and upload it. As I looked at the document I realized that the reason elace.com did not have a web form was elace.com was trying to complicate the refund procedure so they could keep my money. It was just not worth my time to get a refund. They were keeping my money. I will never use elace.com again! I hate cheaters!


  • Jo
    John May 07, 2008

    Check this out: http://www.equay.com/artologi.htm
    After that I ended up scammed by another member on Elance!

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  • Me
    Melanie Charron Oct 26, 2008

    You are right; They make everything complicated to make you quit the claims.

    I was a provider on Elance, got problems getting paid, even with the Escrow system, which is all totally not helping or garantee any payment. I had to go through the same process for no results, cause they start back to step one if client and providers can't agree.

    They have VERY EXPENSIVE rates, and services is very poor, they send automated emails mot of the time.

    They also make updates that can totally mess up the communication between clients and providers, creating more issues...

    Finally, I also suspect them to own the biggest firms of providers unless the millions dollars of revenues of these agencies are fake...

    So be careful! If you need a freelancer, I suggest you to have a couple of emails and some communication with the firm you choose; you'll see quite fast if they care or not.

    Ask for references, that's the best way I guess!

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  • Ta
    TaylorK Jan 26, 2010

    I too have used Elance and had to request a refund when a project didn't work out. However I didn't find the refund process a problem at all. Yes, I had t fill out a fun and yes it wasn't two lines but once I filled it out, I received my refund. If not for the principle of the matter, I suggest that you fill out that form and get your money back. Even if it isn't a lot and doesn't seem worth it, it really is.

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  • Ih
    ihateelance May 10, 2010

    I also am a provider on elance and i want to say something this site is a sham, its designed to underpay us for are work.You have to bid vs paki and indian companies that mass produce generic low quality content. They spend there time selling promesses they cant keep.spend your time wisely here!
    i Have yet to successfully connect to a real company even though i totally underbid myself and all others, Its your big competitors(maybe owned by elance)that drive prices down to the point that its just not worth it, "work for free you ###ers...

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  • Mm
    M. Martin Jul 05, 2010

    This behavior cannot be accepted, home base jobs and businesses is fastly becoming the waves of the employment era. Companies will support businesses which pose no-treat to their companies, the means to an end of traveling far distances to and from work. This is where science are making strong attempts to bring to the light. They need the trial, try-out period to show evidence that we as a society is ready to move forward. So with that being said there should be a class action against not only Elance, any other company that is practicing methods which will crippled the progress of this great nation. Alternatives steps must be implimented, this is the new waves of the way the world will operate. So for a few hungry villians standing in the way of real progress, let's kick there butts off the playing field. Get a organization or form one that will pioneer aganist such practices. Let' get it done!

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  • Ge
    GeneralMarketing Nov 05, 2010

    As a provider I have an an overall good experience with Elance.
    You have to spend a lot of time on proposals with lousy clients who have no idea of what they want and probably only about 25% proceed with a project. However, that said once you link up with good clients there are many good projects there.

    I simply wont be the lowest bidder. If you are worried about suppliers from other countries that work cheap than your services aren't unique enough. I know of a few clients that took the cheap route and were not happy. The old you get what you pay for is so true.

    It's also true that Elance takes up to 10% of the payment, but they are providing the service and for me, I am glad they are there.

    As someone who has tried a few different service providing websites--Elance ranks at the top.
    I don't doubt their customer services is mediocre, but nowadays it seems there isn't much customer service anywhere.

    There are probably plenty of poor suppliers as the original client (on this page) had experienced. But I see a lot of five-star reviews of services provided so there must also be a lot of happy clients as well.
    My experience is clients get what they put into the job.
    Many don't know what they want
    Many want to pay $5/hr for professional work
    Many don't followup promptly on email
    Many change their direction half way through the project and don't want to pay the supplier for more time.

    As with anything, buyer beware.

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  • Mi
    Mimooty3 May 18, 2011

    More details regarding fake users and fake feedbacks on Elance

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  • To
    Tony Perez Jun 03, 2011

    I totally agreed, we right now we are dealing with a situation where elance denied responsability by washing there hands in a situation where a company call Best Web Solutions started a website for us (tshirtsflorida.com) and never finished the website. They argued that we never told them about a catalog installation but what happened is that they did not do not even the header with the logo, did not completed the administrator, and left the website halfway (handicap) it ruined our business online . We only asked to complete the website, we did not asked for money. The bad designers says that they finish the job but elance just offer arbitration for $300.00 or $600.00 another way of making money on bad practice. It is a shame that they have questionable people and elance ignored just to keep an 8% profit and make the developer happy. Elance should have taken the time to at least browse our website. Shame on you elance.

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  • Ou
    Our_House Jun 23, 2011

    Elance abuses Privacy! I have just been informed by a 3rd party (who fully disclosed he was a 3rd party) that elance released my transaction history!
    This 3rd party is not a registered user of elacne, there was no subpoena, no warrant and no request from any law enforcement agency but this 3rd party was able to send several well crated emails to elance inquiring about my account, acting as a 3rd party and was able to get access to my transactional history.

    Be warned of elance they do NOT protect your privacy.
    They will release your personal data and release your financial records to anyone...

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  • Since July 28, there is a technical glitch because of which we cannot access our Elance account. We have been providers for more than half a decade. Now for no fault of ours, we are unable to deliver projects to clients and cannot even update them of the status. We cant even accept awarded projects. Our reputation with our clients is at stake... And customer care at Elance sends templated responses. It is worrying, frustrating, unnerving... to say the least.

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  • Ve
    Veda Informatics Aug 03, 2011

    Despite posting our complaint here, it has been a week now and Elance has still not fixed the glitch that caused our account to close on July 28. I don't think anyone reads these complaints!!!

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  • Za
    zafer Aug 13, 2011

    anyone taking legal actions against Elance ?

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  • Ma
    Mark alonso Oct 07, 2011

    Please let me know if there is any legal route against elance, these people have fake customer support agents and always looking to rip providers off, when you have a lot of money in the account, they will suddenly come up with a policy violation and say you contacted the client directly etc, they wont have proof but they will say they cannot disclose anything and you account has been terminated. I lost a lot of money like this. The name of this loser customer support guy is JON VINCENT . Am sure its a fake name though.

    Watch out for this kind of scam, thats being run, I lost nearly $2000 . For a small developer that's like a months work on a project

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  • Sa
    sarra1234 Oct 26, 2011

    This company is a total SCAM. I am sure they will do everything to delete this review from yelp! Elance promotes FREE LABOR!
    Even though Elance guarantees the payment for jobs to its providers, it actually does nothing to protect its providers.
    We had a client whom we designed a website and at the end he canceled the job on us, refused to pay us, and Elance has done nothing to protect us. We haven't even been paid for the hours we spent on this project. I want a justice and I 'll do everything to get my money back!
    I have every proof to show and prove everything I said here. I have no idea why none tries to sue this company. PLEASE if anyone is interested I really want to sue this SCAM company.

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  • Sk
    skynetin Dec 12, 2011

    elance takes only membership from providers. 70 % projects are fake on elance .

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  • Ri
    Rie Avis May 16, 2012

    Have you already checked out www.staff.com? This is a great alternative site for work from home jobs and it's definitely legitimate. Employers who are seeking to outsource their work can choose from their pool of talented staff for a lower labour cost, while jobseekers can look for opportunities here.

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  • Cn
    cnberk May 17, 2012

    I regret the day I ever signed up with Elance. They have violated my privacy in numerous ways and refuse to acknowledge my questions and concerns. When I realized what a scam the company is, I contacted customer service on three different occasions to deactivate my account and each time they ignored the message (even though I had auto-confirmation that the messages were received). I even took my complaints directly to Steven Holm, Director of Customer Relations, who also gave me inaccurate information and ignored my emails, until I filed a complaint with TRUSTe about Elance's privacy violations. If anyone else wants to contact him, his email address is [email protected] If he doesn't respond, file a complaint with TRUSTe.

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  • Ha
    Harcine Aug 20, 2012

    Like so many similar sites, all the jobs posted pay absolute peanuts. If you are a western artist you will probably end up living in poverty. All the work is aimed at artists from the developing world who can work for weeks on end earning 10 dollars a day.

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  • St
    Stix76 Jan 03, 2013

    I also have had a very bad experience with their management I am very thankful for Elance for giving me a chance to grow my business but it seems that they do not care if there are scammers on their site I have been scammed for over $1000 some people got free work because of Elance and they decided to penalize the provider and not the scammer, I am located overseas can anyone point me to where I should file a complaint?

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  • Av
    Avic's Marketing Jan 09, 2013

    Hello Don Vincent

    I ask your help now because I was suspended without cause. I made a complaint because I was aggrieve when I hired a fake contractor and his name is Mobin U and I have all the evidence of him being fake or using fake name. I just want you to know now Don Vincent that I am moving on with new life and PLEASE tell elance people especially those who suspended me to stop putting me into the pit. I have a client and we have a deadline. I am suspecting that elance suspended me because of the payment of $147 which was paid by my client last night and I can't withdraw now and also I have a due of payment in the amount of more or less $300 especially this January 19 due.

    I hate being hypocrite mr don vincent especially If i am angry because I am not afraid to be angry and destroy everything if I am being mess up w/o a cause. I want you to know that if they suspend me because of the $300 and I have seen many complaint against elance in the search engine due to witholding money as am and SEO expert, Let me tell you these, I don't need that $300. I just bought my brand new car yesterday and what makes you think my client will pay you on the January 19 due? Look, I am an expert in brainwashing as well and I will tell my client to file dispute in her payment method he did to you last night and I will also file a dispute about the payment in escrow about the guy I hired to do my facebook like because that guy is fake and I will assure u that you will pay otherwise I will fly there in California where my mom is staying and make formal charges against elance of cyber crime. You will be all over the newspapaer and online exposure as I own an advertising agency.

    Mr Don Vincent, I am not threatening you nor doing this because I just felt it but my rights has been stepped upon and my new life is being dump into the pit. I am talking this to you because I know you get to know me already and I am not perfect but I am just human so please don't allow me to get stumble just because of this nonsense thing. I am innocent and I don't like any trouble with elance. I am begging you to help me and rescue us both and elance getting into this forthcoming trouble.

    Please resolved this issue and reinstate my account. If you found I have really violated then suspend me or removed my account because I know, I haven't done any wrong to your policy. Please reinstate my account because I don't like to work outside of elance. I want peace of mind. Also please terminate those who suspended me if you found it malicious.

    I am waiting for your reply before I do some petty actions

    I don't want to be stupid so please don't make me one. Kindly reinstate my account because both of us especially if you check my record knows I am innocent.




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  • Mi
    miglebox May 20, 2013

    Dear Sir Madam
    Elance is a scam when their is a dispute they will suspend your account without any notification.Please don't use Elance in the near future.Elance is a big scam Freelancing website.Please don't use Elance.com in the near future.Elance will Put the money in their pockets.Please don't Use Elance in the nearfuture.Biggest Scammers in the World.Thanks
    With Regards,
    Puneet Pal Singh

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  • Am
    Amits121 Oct 18, 2013

    I lost over $10, 500 due to Elance scam. I filled a compliant against BBB and they sent a standard reply. Many providers like us lost lot of money due to their scam. I am also file a formal compliant to Federal Trade commission.
    Please file a formal complaint to BBB at the following url; https://www.bbb.org/consumer-complaints/file-a-complaint/get-started
    Please file a formal complaint: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/#&panel1-1
    Please contact me so that we can file a class action law suit against Elance.
    Here is what I wrote to BBB of silicon valley.
    "We lost over $10, 500.00 that they need to refund immediately.2. They need to provide detailed reports verified by a CPA about their revenue from selling connects is way higher than revue they earn from the commission of awarding real projects. I have purchased such connects and as a buyer I have every right to demand such reports.3. They need to provide details explanation why Federal Trade commission needed not be contacted and why this is not an online scam."

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  • Br
    BrainMaples Jun 06, 2014

    Asking work outside elance - WebsiteDesignz Kansas City, Missouri, United StatesHello Friends, I have been working with this client for last few months and he usually ask us to work outside elance and promise to pay without funding elance escrow. But he do never pays for work.Please guys beware from this fu*k*ng person, he always ask for work and whenever you want your money he makes fake promises and never get serious for money.He only asks work on time and sometimes force us to work on weekends.Please Please guys never do trust on this person, He has 2 profiles in Elance one is for Job Posting and other one is for Freelancer, I am sharing his both Public urls below.Public url as a Employer-https://www.elance.com/e/public/Dcu0sviArBAgigyj3ZBQyChzz1Bli0CKgiGLTjVL5Iw-/Public url as a Job Seeker- https://www.elance.com/s/websitedesignz/Generally he puts the job with the below content-"If you are a company please do not apply.All project details are discussed during the time of the interview.At least ** years exp.Able to work with a team, Monday to Friday from 4AM to 1PM Chicago time.Looking to advance in your skills and careerLooking to learn from others "And these are the job url that he has posted-https://www.elance.com/j/ios-developer-individuals-only/57661984/?backurl=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZWxhbmNlLmNvbS9yL2pvYnMvcS13ZWJzaXRlZGVzaWdueg==https://www.elance.com/j/ios-developer/57517906/?backurl=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZWxhbmNlLmNvbS9yL2pvYnMvcS13ZWJzaXRlZGVzaWdueg==https://www.elance.com/j/virtual-assistant-proposal-bidder-account-management/57662238/?backurl=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZWxhbmNlLmNvbS9yL2pvYnMvcS13ZWJzaXRlZGVzaWdueg==Thank You

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  • Si
    SilkwormXL Jun 24, 2014

    I've used Elance for over a year now (both as a provider and client) and have had very few complaints. Yes, their customer support is horrid and unapologetic. It is extremely hard to get any kind of non-scripted response out of them. The only time I've ever felt an actual human being looked at a trouble ticket was when I had an issue escalated to a higher tier of support.

    A lot of people on here are complaining about being scammed, but that's you're own doing. Elance has many features in place to avoid being scammed. As a client - set up your milestones where you only release payments when the work you receive is complete and satisfactory - SIMPLE! As a freelancer - never start or complete a milestone without seeing that it is funded already - SIMPLE! Doing these simple steps ensures Elance will be on your side if a problem arises. These steps are clearly written in tooltips never to all the features I just mentioned - seems like you guys just aren't reading.

    I've had several clients try to skip out on final payments, but because I made sure the milestone was pre-funded, Elance ensures it's release. They also have a built-in time card feature of hourly jobs that ensures your hours worked. If you choose not to use the program, why would Elance guarantee you payment when they can't prove you were doing anything?

    These are simple ideals that apply to real world freelance jobs outside of Elance. When I take on a client outside of an escrow system, I always (as in EVERY SINGLE TIME) require a deposit up-front before starting work. Then you don't release the final work files until you receive the final payment. SIMPLE! Any client that doesn't agree to these terms was trying to scam you anyway.

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  • Rm
    RMSamonte Aug 20, 2014

    I used to be someone who endorsed Elance for the ease of finding jobs and hiring contractors. However, I was also scammed by a contractor on Elance who had a 5 star rating and a good portfolio. I will admit to fault when I make a mistake. I know I was far too trusting with the rating system on Elance. But you would think that Elance would support the individuals who actually help generate revunue for their company rather than side with the fraudulent members on the site.

    I made the mistake of trusting an Elancer with a good rating and prepaid him, Daiki Miyamoto, a good sum of money to start. We had agreed on a deadline which he did not meet. In fact, during the 3 week period, he didn't do any work! I stressed to him that the deadline cannot be missed and he reassured me that I would get something. However, all I got were excuses and he even had the nerve to ask me for more money! I decided to cut ties and see if I can get a refund for the amount I paid him.

    I provided Elance a chat log with my contractor that clearly shows that he will not pay the refund hoping this would convince Elance that I was frauded by this contractor. Unfortunately, they have decided to side with him instead. I am totally disappointed and now I'm down a large sum of money and a deadline that is at risk of being missed.

    Rey Samonte

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  • Ja
    jason Filham Aug 30, 2014

    Elance is a team of cheater who grab money form users. ### they are.

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  • Ks
    kscoped Oct 01, 2014


    Elance is the biggest scam I have come across, my account had loads of connects which came with my membership.
    I was accumulating them for few months, they suddenly suspended my account. This came wthout any warning or notification to me.There is no appeal process as well. I have lost connects worth months of membership money which they charged to my
    card. Biggest scammers, shameful company, I would never register in their workplace again.

    With Regards,

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  • Ch
    Chris36 Jan 09, 2015

    things did not go well with this freelancer. after agreeing to the cost, he allegedly said we were adding more to what we originally agreed upon which was 200 dollars. then he asked for an additional 50 dollars. so we decided to to re establish the terms, and asked how much it would take to finish the project. he said he needs an additional 2000 dollars! we were getting ready to file a dispute but he filed one himself after we refused his offer to return 100 dollars. ultimately elance decided to split the cost. even though we could have gotten more if we accepted his refund, we want everyone to know that this project was disputed because the elancer was just asking for more money wihout any result for 4 weeks. we posted the same project and the new elancer quoted 300 dollars and took him 2 days to finish. so please be careful when getting the services of this scammer elancer. https://www.elance.com/s/aman619aggarwal/

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  • Sa
    SandyFrost Mar 19, 2015

    I totally agree.
    Elance suspend people after people. And I have good facts in that matter from many.
    Without warning they put freelancers off and suspend. Then give a very odd explanation about nothing. Just a lot of words with no explanation at all in reality. It is a scam to all freelancers over the world. How they are like a dictator scene..where no one can look in.
    If you are out..you are out. With no more explanation.
    It could be a good freelancer and honest .
    Beware all clients to use such a platform ever !
    They treat freelancers so bad. Its hard to even believe how something like this can excist 2015 in a modern world.

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  • Wh
    White Mice Sep 10, 2018

    Good afternoon,
    i mistakenly closed my account. I want it back i regret of doing it. Help me restore it.

    I cant contact customer service


    myza p . Bangcore

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  • Ji
    Jigar Moradiya Sep 18, 2018


    My upwork account is suspended. I am not able to send the new proposal on new job post on upwork. Kindly resolve my account suspended issue as soon as possible, so i will continue my work on upwork.

    My email id is : [email protected]

    Please help me. Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.


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