Edward Jonesinvestment account

2 Jul 22, 2019

I HAD CONTACTED EDWARD JONES CONCERNING THE FACT I WAS TRUE DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY OF JOHN B DAVIS I HAD EXPLAINED MR DAVIS HAD ATTRACTED PNEUMONIA WITH SEPSIS AND HE COULDN'T WALK AND HE HAD BEEN RENDERED INCOMPETENT. I FAXED OVER THE COMPANY WHERE IT STATE HE WAS INCOMPETENT AND LATER FAXED OVER POWER OF ATTORNEY AND EXPLAINED MR DAVIS WAS ON A WAITING LIST AT A NURSNG FACITLITY TO BE PLACED AT WHICH TIME I WOULD NEED TO PAY FOR HIS CARE BECUZ THATS WHAT THE MONEY WAS TO BE USED FOR. I HAVE TAKEN CARE OF MR DAVIS THE PASS 2.5 YEARS HOWEVER HE IS SLOWLY DECLINING IN HEALTH. I WANT TO EXPLAIN THAT HE HAS LEWY BODIES DEMENTIA IN WHICH ONE DAY HE MAY BE CLEAR AS A BELL AND THE NEXT DAY HE MAY BE SWINGING IN THE WOODS THINKING HE IS 12. MR REASE CALLED MR DAVIS SON WHICH HAS BEEN A STRAINED RELATIONSHIP FOR QUITE SOMETIME WE ALSO BELEIVE HE RELEASED MED RECORD WHICH IS PERSONAL WHICH CAN BE PROVED BECUZ THERE WAS THREE COPIES WHICH WAS SUBMITTED TO NURSING HOME PLUS MINE AND THE ONE AT HOSPITAL THE NUSING FACILITYS VERIFIED THAT THEY DO NOT RELEASE WITH A LICENCSE OF THE PERSON PICKING UP AND THEY HAD NOT BEEN RELEASED AND NOT RELEASE BY ME EITHER SO THAT ONLY LEAVES THE BANK AT THE TIME I MADE CONTACT WITH THE SONS WIFE VIA A CELL CONVERSATION SHE READ WORD FOR WORD WHAT THAT MEDICAL DOCUMENT STATED AND EVEN THE DR THAT MADE THE STATEMENT IT IS ILLEGAL FOR THE BANK TO RELEASE ANY MEDICAL INFO I PERVIDED TO THEM CONCERNING HIS HEALTH MY UNDERSTANDING FROM THEM IS THAT THEY NEEDED TO SENT TO THE ATTORNEY WHICH I DONT THINK HAS BEEN DONE NOT SURE BECUZ THEY DIDNT CONTACT BACK TERRILL BASED A MEDICAL OPINION OF HIS OWN THAT HE WAS COMPETENT HOWEVER THE DRS BASED IT ON A 3 Year spam of dementia from lewy bodies be it may at sometimes he can be clear as a bell which can be but taking him in to a legal contract confusion would begin Terrill also made comment concerning us stating he didn't know what we were trying to do as though we were trying to take something or be dishonest we have kept him home three years and have never taken anything not even money its just that we cant lift him he to heavy and hes changing so much that he is way pass a nursing facility and for a banker to try to interfere just to save a account is crazy we already know its illegal to release his medical record it is personal and confidential once he was ruled incompetent I am the only one with permission to sign to make release and I have not done so im expecting them to be cited and printed in paper that they were cited also I need to include Mr David account number [protected] and add I prefer Mr Davis not be contacted because of confusion and agitation I can fax u copy where I faxed to them the durable and also the copy of being incompetent. Apparently Mr Rease thinks because hes a banker he knows all the laws and feels he is above the law I want this investigated as stated above I know the law was broke with the release of that medical record

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