EDP CardTotal rip-off card!


I applied for a payday loan, to complete this loan another screen popped up, for a credit card after putting in my information i decided i wasn't interested, logged off before finishing the application, i even had this company call me, after my problems with secretcashcard, i started recording my phone calls, i even got vonage which keeps a log of all my calls, incoming an out and there # is on my log, well this week my bank account was withdrawn for 159.95 from this company, you cant get in touch with them by phone, just a recording telling you to go to edpreporting.com, they tell you they have your ip address an your application that you ordered there card, i never ordered there card. Do not want it, it's a total rip off!


  • Dw
    Dwayne Cecil Feb 16, 2007

    These thieves snuck $159.95 out of my checking account as well. My banker was VERY angry when he saw the questionable "check" EDP used to sneak out funds from my account.

    EDP creates a check made out to themselves that has your name printed on it to make it look as though ~YOU~ authorized the check.

    Their self-generated check was marked "Pre-authorized" and "No signature required" and even had MY BANK'S NAME ON IT to make it appear as the "check" had been issued by my bank !

    When my banker showed the "check" to his tellers they said things like "Phoney as a $3 bill", "Clearly a fraud" and "Interstate violation of banking laws".

    I got my money back and have made contact with the California Attorney General (EDP is California based - Edp Card, 1455 fairfax Ave Los Angeles California 90034 ), my state Attorney General and my local Congressman with whom I attended high school.

    EDP, you owe me some bank fees and I'm going to get them.

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  • Dw
    Dwayne Cecil Feb 16, 2007

    I forgot to mention that this EDP home made "check" had stamps from FOUR DIFFERENT BANKS in two days on the back in the endorsement area!

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  • Ah
    ahmed belaguid Feb 17, 2007

    I just got rip off by EDP too the same way they do to u guys. I wanna know how can i get my money back from this son of ###. Thanks.

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  • Ja
    Jason F Trump Feb 21, 2007

    I just found out that I was ripped off also. I would like to know if anyone can tell me how to get my money back?

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  • Ca
    Camille Feb 27, 2007

    The same thing happen to me and it seems like I'm out of luck. can any one tell me what i can do. I need my money back and those fee. I called them once and some rude guy told me oh well you did this and this is you computers ip address and you did it. I just got off the phone just now with Jeff Nelson id number 123, he told me everyone on here is just upset and this is a bunch of lies. I told him how is this lies it happen to me it is all true and i would like to have my money back. And i will call bbb on this company.

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  • Ch
    Chad Feb 28, 2007

    Well funny thing happened to me my roommate used my credit card without my knowledge and well lets just say all I am pissed off at the world I am going to SUE everybody in this.

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  • Mi
    Michael D Walker Feb 28, 2007

    These f***heads got me for the 49.95 from "secretcashcard" and then got me this morning for the 159.95... I think we all need to file a class action.

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  • Ju
    Judge Wilson Mar 01, 2007

    Something crazy happened to me I went down to the bank at 12:44 pm. deposit 192.00 shopped around wal-mart for 10 min. Went to the gas station thought I was going to get a pack of Newport 100's and 10.00 in gas. The man told me I have no funds on my card I call the 1-800 number on the back and they told me I have only .10 cents on my card. Now check this out this all happen in 15 min. the gas station is 5 min. away from wal-mart. So I went back to the bank they saw the fake check that EDP made out and told me this looks like a ripp off. I told them ya because I didn't authorize them to go in to my account and take anything out. The bank ask me did I call the number on back of my card. I told them ya but they told me to come here to file a dispute against EDP so I did. I wonder how long will it take? They took money out of my account on feb.27,2007 I went back to the bank on feb. 28, 2007 and file a dispute letter and I call customer service on the same day. And they told me it might be march 1, 2007 or it maybe march 2, 2007 before they put my money back on my card. Because they say they are on top of it. I told her I am too and I will be calling back on march 1, 2007 to see and I will be also looking on my checking account page to see if I have a message in my message box. But if someone out there has been going thew this for a long time or someone think I have no chance getting my money back or if I have did everything to help myself out by trying to ge my money back into my account if you have a comments to help me out and I will do so back yall know 159.95 is a lot of money that is a pare of shoes and a outfit or a bill payment. Thanks for reading.

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  • Dw
    Dwayne Cecil Mar 01, 2007

    Friends, ask you bank for a Federal Regulation E dispute form ! It ~WILL~ give you a better chance of getting your money back. This form gets your local police involved.

    Fax the completed form directly to EDP - their fax number is 818-487-0634 !

    Also - EDP ripped you via a "pre-authorized, no signature required" check but it is still just a check. Since they paid themselves with a check drawn off your account you can put a stop payment on that check just as you could on any other check !

    Do both of these things and you have a much better shot of getting your money back.

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  • Ma
    Massiel Ozuna Mar 10, 2007

    One day i went to check my account balance and i was missing $159.95 from my checking account. I called the bank and they told me that edp card have taken the money out. Ever since i been calling and emailing because i do not who they are and what type of business do i possibly have with them. I want my money back but i do not know what else to do, to get this people to give me my money back.

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  • chazoo Mar 17, 2007

    EDP card services ripped me off as well, along with Ever private card services/Quick card services/Secret cash card. I sent an email to Ever private card services (quickcardservice.com/ ph# (401) 228-9232) and within 24 hours I received an email stating that I will be getting a refund within 10 business days. I had also filed a dispute with my bank against the company in which they credited my account for $49.95. It is still pending investigation. I woke up this morning and checked my balance as I do everyday and realized another illegal debit from my account as a pre-authorized check in the amount of $159.95. Unfortunately and conveniently for them it is Saturday...The EDP company is closed and the check fraud department at Bank of America is closed as well. I will have to wait until Monday morning to try to get this resolved. I saw above where an address to EDP was given along with a fax number. I will be passing this on to my bank as well as the Attorney General.

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  • An
    Anna Losoya Mar 28, 2007

    I recently also applied for a payday loan and entered my bank information months later i became negative in my bank and asked for a detail when i was told that i was charged for 159.95 for an edp card i was surprised so i asked for a copy so that i can get a customer service number and no one could tell me anything i have to pay for this out of my pocket. What a rip off!

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  • Mu
    Muqtader Abdul Mar 28, 2007

    While applying for a credit card this site took all the information and then kept freezing on me. Then I logout without completing in full. Later when I see my bank statement found out a auto debit occurred on March 13, 07 in the amount $159.95. I am going to drill down into these scams and report it to FBI.

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  • Al
    Alice Catalan Mar 29, 2007

    If u can help me in anyway to get my money back let me know.

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  • Ch
    Christine Sung Apr 20, 2007

    Sub: Money taken out of checking account

    I was looking online for at a payday loan and filling out some of the info when everything just disappeared before I even looked at all the info. Come to find out, I had $159.95 deducted from my checking account. As of right now, I am -237.00 because of this and there will be more charges because I had checks out already. Someone should look into this company. The number that is on my bank statement is1-800-430-0672 and it says to go to www.edpreporting.com for help but as of yet, I have not gotten a person on the phone and also I have not received anything back when I went online and tried to pursue this.

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  • Tr
    Trixie Tee Apr 24, 2007

    I saw this charge on my bank account and thought it was an honest mistake of a check posting to the wrong account #, maybe someone had one similar to mine. So I called he bank the next day expecting them to agree it was an error and correct this and refund my money. Going forward they found this supposed check for EDP CARD company for $159.95 and was authorized by me. I FREAKED! not on the banker but in general. I went straight to the computer and Googled this EDP CARD and 1st thing that popped up was this sight explaining this scam from this company. I became very upset and immediately called my bank and explained this new information I just received and they advised I close the account and file and forgery affidavit and they will refund my money. I agreed and went and did that exactly. So if this happens to you see if your bank will do the same so this doesn't happen again from this company. It is a forgery and they need to be stopped and every time a bank processes a forgery affidavit police are notified and the more times they show up on this report the faster they can be stopped form taking money out of our families mouth. Thank you for your time and I hope this information is helpful for everyone who reads it. Good Luck.

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  • Th
    Thelma Garcia May 23, 2007

    This company took money that i did not authorize, it's not what it claims to be.

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  • Ke
    kerri perez Jun 07, 2007

    I had $49.95 taken out of my checking account without permission or any type of authorization and i want it put back with the extra amount of $25.00 for the over draft fees. All this is is a scam and its bull cr*p. When trying to call they say go to the web site or wait for customer service and that never happens.

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  • Vi
    Vicki Scott Jun 08, 2007

    I went to this site and all my information was already there and I was checking about a visa or mastercard and I clicked out of it without finishing the app. but I found out that they had already took out $159.95 out of my bank account which left me overdrawn which is costing me additional $28.00 for NSF. I only get SSI and I can not afford this kind of money took out of my bank account.

    Beware people!

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  • Wi
    william spalding Jun 10, 2007

    This company is a total rip off they got me for 159.95 which i didn't order any thing and i want my money back this is a scam ! And it need to be stopped soon edp card what a bunch of crap you people should be put in jail.

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  • Lu
    luz rengifo Jun 15, 2007

    this morning i find out that i was charge $159.95 for something i didn't order

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  • Ga
    Gary Polito Jun 15, 2007

    I had the same thing happen to me and I did not have funds in the bank and was charged 35.00 for NSF, Thankfully the bank returned the NSF and now I have asked them to block all types of debits like that, I may have to change my bank acct too. A rip off, a Card that you pay to use your own money for, The Government should stop this practice asap.

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  • Di
    dios1982 Jun 18, 2007

    If you've had a withdrawal from this company contact your bank. Your bank should be able to send you a form for you to complete stating that this was an unauthorized transaction. You're bank will reverse the transaction and put a stop payment from that company so they can do this to you again. Your bank will probably charge you a fee for this service. Afterwards contact that company.

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  • Er
    erin mccloskey Jun 18, 2007

    They got me too!! I got saved by the bank because it was unauthorized the bank will refund my money and reverse overdraft fees... I guess I am lucky some people don't even get that much... but I am PISSED that something like this is possible and there is nothing being done to stop this fraudulent setup. Ask your bank about a dispute form it may be an option for some who have been through this thing!!

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  • Je
    Jeanette Thomas Jun 19, 2007

    I was on vacation when the same thing happened to me. I do not have a edp card. I contacted my bank and they gave me a copy of a check but it wasn't my check. How do they do this? I tried to call them and e-mail them but nobody comes on the line or have yet to get a response back from them. How do i get my money back?

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  • Jo
    Josette White Aug 01, 2007

    On July 24,2007 EDP Card debited my checking account for $159.95, causing an over draft. I was charged $30.00 for this over draft. I want every dime replaced. I think that this is an outrage, and something needs to be done about this company. This is nothing more than theft, and I would like to press charges if possible.

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  • Me
    meandmine Aug 17, 2007

    I had the same thing happen to me... However, Wash Mutual... fixed it for me. I got my money back, and the service charge. I had to file a fraud claim and close my bank account and open another one, but it was worth it to get my 159.95 back...

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