Edible Arrangements / Delivery person lack of Customer Service skills

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This Sunday afternoon an Edible Arrangements delivery person rang my bell, when I answered the delivery person was pulling off. I waved her down and when she emerged from her vehicle she seemed very agitated. She asked did I make an order and I said no but what was the name on the receipt as I have other family members in my house. She asked how many people did I have living in my house. She refused to tell me and pointed out that my house numbers were missing. I explained that I recently had shingles on my house replace and had not replaced the numbers. I asked did she want to see mail with the address to which she said yes and the name of the person. I commented that how is that possible when she will not tell me the name on the receipt. I then told her my last name to which she proceeded to get back in her vehicle and drive away. I called the store to speak with someone about my experience and the delivery person to whom I had the exchange with answered. I stated that the person was very rude. She told she was not being rude and that she was sorry but because of fraudulent purchases she had to behave in that manner. She said she found my response "interesting"...that as just "some person on the street" why would I be offended. I told her she should think of me as a potential customer and treat me as such. I said it felt like she was accusing me of fraud to which she said yes and that I was trying to get an arrangement of fruit for free. I asked how could she speak to my character, and if she had given me a name that didn't live here I would have said the delivery was incorrect. She then told me as a person on the street I should be sympathetic to her. I suggested that she use other means of intercepting fraudulent orders than driving to a persons house and accusing them of stealing. To this she replied have a good day and hung up. I'm not sure if this is a isolated incident but such behavior needs to be addressed by management.

Aug 18, 2019
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