East Side Mario'smy son got fired on his last day

B Nov 22, 2019 Review updated:

My son was fired by nick for placing a loaf of your bread on a table on his last day he was supposed to work.
Nick has also been letting our son off work early to save money cutting back on the portion size of the food also to save money so he can win the big bonus that you are offering the restaurant that saves the most money
Nick was upset when our son handed in his 2 weeks notice and had said a few deragitory remarks about our sons New place of work
I do not get why he would fire him on the last day over a 5 cent loaf of bread on his last day
The only reason our son wanted to leave your team over at eastside Mario's is that nicks attitude make s the workplace toxic and nerve racking as he has yelled at our son for making small mistakes and is not very understanding or good at dealing with situations as you would be able to see if you look at the amount of employees you have lost in the last few months
You can reach me at [protected] if you need to contact me or my son Nathan Amey


  • Ev
    Everywhere Nov 23, 2019

    If your son had already given notice, then he wasn't really fired - he was just asked to go ahead and leave. It sounds like the manager was just being spiteful. I wouldn't worry about it since your son has another job.

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