Duke Energy Corporationnon return of deposit

1 Jul 24, 2019

July 2018 I moved into a new home. After many years of being a Duke Energy customer, I was charged a deposit in the amount of $250.00 before I could get power transferred to my new home. My current home address is 1201 Marlborough Ln, WS NC 27105. Customer #[protected]. I paid the deposit and inquired about when I will receive the deposit back. I was told it would come back to my account after a year of service. October 2018, I called in my payment as I do every month. I was given a confirmation number. After the payment was never taken from my bank account, I called back and was told the payment did not go through. I asked how I received a confirmation # and she said the funds are not taken immediately. I asked the Duke Energy Rep if this would hinder me from getting my deposit back because now it showed I paid late. She said no. You will get your deposit back as long as you have NO disconnections! (Pull the call!!) I called Duke Energy today because now a year has passed. I was told, I have had some moderately late payments so I WILL NOT get my deposit applied to my account until I have 12 consecutive on time payments!!! This is NOT what I was told. I want my deposit applied to my account ASAP!! This is unfair and I was lied to. Please contact me. Sandy Singletary

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