Domino's Pizza / workplace

Fi Aug 17, 2019

I used to work for dominos and I was getting yelled at called vulgar names and called dumb, idiot, stupid. I later foind out that a cowoker and main manager were trying to get me fired. So i found another job and quit. The next day that same cowoker posted on facebook good luck (new job) and another coworker said I was an idiot and that I wont last long at said new job. Tried to talk to the manager but she said she couldnt do anything about it. Everyone there need to be fired. They dont wash their hands, they have favorites, they are all a bunch of bullies. Dont ever work for dominos the managers berate and tear you down and call you vulgar names. And wont do anything about it when youre being bullied.

Domino's Pizza

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