Domino's Pizzadid not receive full order

Jo Nov 08, 2019

I did an online order- paid in full.. driver forgot to give us our 2 liter cherry coke- i called within 5 mins of her leaving and asked the gal on the phone to hurry and catch her to send her back... she said ok.. an hour later- nothing.. i called back.. they put a "manager" on the phone who told me they would credit my account- i said no i want the soda like i was told.. and she argued with me and said they were too busy and if i didnt want it credited than i just wouldnt get it.. I was furious.. she said it would take an hour to bring it.. (i am literally 4 blocks away) and then i told her if i ordered another pizza they would get it to me.. and she continued to argue with me and refuse to send it.. then said it would take 2 hours to get it to me and i said that was BS.. and she hung up on me.. what kind of manager acts like this and does not make the customer happy when i have ALREADY PAID FOR IT.. and you are refusing to send it out to me because I dont want a credit- i wanted our soda????? And how dare she hang up on me, i will NEVER order from here again! Not only did I pay for it and not receive it, but the sandwhich i ordered was overcooked and the melted cheeses was black on the sides (couldnt eat that) the pizza was barely warm and soggy and the wings obviously sat under a heat lamp too long.. this was NOT worth the $50.00 (including tip) i paid for such horrible food and service.

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