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H Nov 23, 2019 Review updated:

On 11/23 at 4:35pm I placed an on line order from the Dominos franchise at 10
Farrell St. So. Burlington, Vt. 05403, order number798. This was a carryout order with an advertised pickup time of 15- 25 Min. from the time the order is placed. I left my house at 4:45pm to pick up my order. When I arrived I saw my name listed on the in store progress board that my order would be ready in 1min. The store was quite busy so I patiently waited about 10 min. before I asked if my order was ready yet, I was told " we have alot of orders, it will be a few more minutes. "I then realized that two of the three pizzas I had ordered were boxed and ready. I asked again if there was some reason that the entire order was still not ready and was told I'm sorry we will get it to you in just a minute. At this point I am aggrivated and confused as to why after several successful online orders in the past this one seemed to be so difficult. When I asked for the third time want the problem was a manager ask me my name which I gave her she then finished the order and brought it out. When I asked why two of the three pizzas where sitting ready to go for at least 20min. while the third took so long she replied something about the oven and the quanity of orders they were proccessing and walked away. After being at the franchise for a total of 30min. to pick up my order I finally left frustrated, dissatisfied and aggravated. Then to add insult to injury when I arrived home the last pizza that came out was burned. Never again, there are no rewards worth putting myself through this again.

Howard Burnett
Burlington, [protected]


  • Updated by Hiward · Nov 23, 2019

    I doubt this complaint will ever be answered


  •   Nov 23, 2019

    by whom? who is the company who ticked you off?

    there is no such establishment as MY LAST ONLINE ORDER.

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