Dollar Treestore management

Ha Oct 20, 2019 Review updated:

My name is harley dirga,
I was a employ at the rutland vt store in 2016 and I left because my maneger joe bullied me and was verbally rude. He infront of customers said to other asociates that I stunk was not doing my job right and when I went to the second maneger I was told to not say anything but that he would report it and when it got worse after that I told the second maneger that I was quiting. Now in 2019 I applied at family dollar a complete diffrent business yet owned by the same company. I cant be hired because joe took and flagged me after I reported to my other maneger and I have no clue what was written against me but now I can not support me or my young child because he retaleted against me for leaving a stressed enviorment and bulleid. I never wanted to go against dollar tree I just wanted him to not speak ill of his workers to customers and other asocaites about that persons work ethics. If you could please answer me id apprecaite very much since this is the second timme I have tried to make contact. [protected]

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