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I'm a deaf customer...A couple of months ago I went into the store to purchase some mouthwash. When I entered the store I went to the isle where the merchandise was sitting. I happened to turn around and Katrina the Manager was telling me that I had to leave my book bag at the door and that she said no bags allowed. I told her that I was deaf without my hearing aids and that there was no sign saying that I couldn't bring my bag. Katrina started getting loud saying that a sign wasn't needed so I left out of the store for a minute. I returned and told her that I would leave my bag in the front and she said that I was barred from the store. I asked for her name and she covered her name tag and said for me to leave. I asked her if she was familiar with the ADA and she said that she didn't care. I returned to the store and I talked to someone who told me that there were all new employees in the store and that the people who were there a few weeks ago had gone... A week later I visited the store to purchase something and I saw Katrina, I asked the cashier what was her name and she told me. Katrina heard me and she started yelling at me because I had told someone that I was going to contact the corporate office. Katrina told me that she didn't care and I left the store. I am a Senior Citizen who is death and covered by The ADA and I was wrongfully treated. Something has to be done.

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  •   Sep 30, 2019

    “am a Senior Citizen who is death and covered” I hope you’re wrong.

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