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Sa Aug 21, 2019 Review updated:

I went into the dollar tree in wadsworth for my child to pick out a toy as a reward for something he had done. We go through the store and he picks out a toy that he is so excited about. We get to the register and the item rings up as an unsellable item and they will not allow us to purchase the toy. Why would you have items on your shelves that are for sale that you are not actually allowed to buy???!! How do I explain that to my heartbroken child that your store won't allow me to purchase the toy that he found on your shelf that was still in original packaging, unopened??! The clerk who was ringing us up was very nice, but the manager was very rude and did not even apologize!! That was the worst customer service / experience I have ever had trying to shop at one of your stores.

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  • Th
      Aug 21, 2019

    Stfu. If it was recalled, do you want your child to have it so they can injure themselves?

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  • Km
      Aug 21, 2019

    I'd assume the reason the toy can't be sold is because it has been recalled and therefore is dangerous to the health of children. Sure it should have been removed from the sales floor before your kid got ahold of it, but I would be surprised if the toy was picked up and put somewhere else or maybe fell behind or into something else and couldn't be found at the time of the original recall. I'd simply explain to the child that the toy is dangerous and they should pick something else and if my kid throw a fit over it I'd take the child out of the store and drove home, without anything and ignored the kid till it started acting right. Though the toy is only $1, why would a kid be upset over not getting a $1 toy and how cheap are you that you consider a $1 toy as a reward. Personally I don't do rewards, my girls are expected to do right without expectation of reward, and if they happen to get a periodic or surprise gift, then that's exactly what it is a gift.

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