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I visited Dollar General on 08/16/2019 around 6:00p.m. and I purchased a few items along with a alochic beverage, I'm very well aware of the photo i.d.policy, however I was behoove when the cashier Ryan asked me for my I.D. when the Caucasian lady before me bought cigarettes as well as alchol and he did not I.D. her, although he did ask her for her birthday, but never once did he I.D. her...I was also upset at the fact I had to resort to my flipp app to see what was on sale due to the fact nothing was labeled

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  • Km
      Aug 17, 2019

    It sounds like you are trying to claim racism or sexism by referring to the customer before you as a "Caucasian Lady". 'Ither way doesn't matter the requirement is to ask for ID everytime so you were actually getting better customer service then the "Caucasian Lady". He took the time to ask for your ID. I hate when people claim "white privilege" as though it's a good thing for white people to have. "White Privilege" actually means we get worse police service then the rest of the races. I would much rather the police throw my child in jail for doing drugs then to let them go with a warning, maybe getting better police service that does throw them I jail will straighten them out instead of me having to deal with them only getting worse and thinking society owes them something.

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  •   Aug 17, 2019

    “however I was behoove when the ” means what exactly?

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