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I am Walter Mansfield and live at 211 W. Grand Ledge Hwy. which is right next door which means the Dollar General Store is right in my back yard which also does not please me.
The problem started with the construction. During the excavation it was obvious that there was going to be a problem with the drainage of a low spot on our adjoining property lines. I asked the excavation supervisor if they would take some of the topsoil they were removing from the sight and level out the property on both sides of the property. I spoke with them three times during the operation and was told they would do it. But that did not happen and now when it rains this spot on both properties fills with water.
To add salt to the wound there was a sprinkler system installed and it sprinkles over onto my property keeping my property very wet and making it very difficult to mow my grass. Which brings up one more problem. The property of the store does not get mowed on a regular basis and when it does get mowed they only mow part of the grass do not trim around the fence or trees and bushes.
I have been to the store three times to speak with the manager to complain and all three times there has been new managers who tell me they will get it taken care of. this never happens. They do shut off the sprinkler system, which does not cure the problem. All it would take is one phone call to the sprinkler company to come out and adjust the sprinkler heads. I wouldn't think it should cost anything as they were installed wrong to start with.
I have also call corporate headquarters and spoke to someone named Jorsh and was told they would call the district manager and I would be contacted and that never happened.
I would like someone to contact me about the problem and come to see me so I can show them what my problem is with Dollar General.

Walter Mansfield
211 W. Grand Ledge Hwy.
Mulliken, Michigan 48861
Cell--- [protected]
Land line --- [protected] If no answer please leave massage and/or phone #

Aug 26, 2019
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      Aug 27, 2019

    Daniel ramos navarro
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  • Te
      Sep 16, 2019

    I too, had the same complaint. This is all to common for this company. They Pride themselves on putting there stores in small communities but they fail to realize there company has a responsibility to that community for making it live up to those standards of the community. I live in N.J. And the same issues with there Atco Store. They have there drainage running off the side into the back of the building. During rain storms we get flooded out. I’m loosing my front yard. That’s not the worse, with all that water sitting there they never could get there grass cut creating a breeding ground For mosquitos . Cheap company gets cheap results, if I was. An investor I would definitely like to see someone take the incentive and change this company into that small town store that everyone wants to shop in.

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  • Ra
      Sep 16, 2019

    Daniel Ramos Navarro
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