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+27 860 047 687(Discovery Life For Employers) 4 0 provides all the help you may require to resolve your complaint. Here you can find active hotline number of call centre & direct telephone number of the complaint department, as well as address of either a headquarters or a local office. Your posted complaint will be listed on this page for the company and rest of the world to see.

Complaints & Reviews


Firstly, there is zero useful vitality assistance for queries, beside a 'bot' which is useless. The helpline does not give the required options for queries.

I have an apple watch, and am very it literate so don't need lessons on how to read, synchronise, capture, etc. I know how it all works.
However, I received an email from discovery vitality to say that in january, I reached my goal only two of four weeks, and so will be billed. This is totally inaccurate. I completed all my goals for january.
Secondly, this week, my 50 points due for 5000 to 9999 steps for thursday 6th, will not synch. This is the last 50 I need for my goal, and I am not getting the points due. There is a problem with the synching of apps in vitality, which must be addressed.
Members who work very hard to attain their goals cannot be compromised by bad administration - it is not fair on the members - what are we paying the elevated vitality fee for after all???

chronic benefit

I had no idea that some of my chronic meds were coming out of my savings until I had to pay for some of them as I ran out of savings!!! Discovery changed it without letting me...

poor service

I have been trying to apply for a medical aid with discovery for over a week now and still haven't received a call back from them, then I asked my wife to apply the same thing...

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