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My name is Robina Chetri. I got a call from Miss Ranchana from mobile no. +91 [protected] for an online form filling job on 15th August 2018. The name of the company is DG Services. After the telephonic conversation she asked for my email id so as to send a demo related to the work. She gave me a demo in my email id from ranchana.[protected], the demo was up to the mark so I agreed to work for them. She then asked for few details through mail for completing the registration process.
After completion of the registration process she gave me the agreement copy with the company's digital signature which made me believe it to be authentic.
On 16th August 2018, I received Form - Filling Login Information through mail after which I was asked to start my work and the submission date was stated as 31st August.
The details of the work are as follows:
1. I will be given with a user id. and password from there end using which I have to login through the website - .
2. I have to fill up 3000 forms within the time span of 15 days for which I will be paid Rs. 30000 (Rs. 10/form).
3. After the submission on the 15th day a QC report will be generated indicating my result.
4. Maximum of 200 mistakes are acceptable, above than that will not be considered.
5. A helpline number [7046011586] was provided for any help regarding the work from 10 a.m to 6 p.m.

On 31st December around 9 p.m. I submitted my work after completing 3000 forms. On 1st September evening I received a text message indicating me to check my QC report after logging into the website using my user id and password. After getting logged in I saw a message appearing on my screen implying that my QC report is failed.
When I went through my mistakes showed in the website, it seemed to be wrongly presented from there end. Such silly mistakes are not possible from my side. I made a call at the helpline number mentioned above and discussed about my problem but he replied very casually saying that it is server generated report and cannot be changed. They didn't accept my issue and either failed to prove that those changes were not made by them intentionally by logging in the website using the id password given to me by them.
As on 3rd September 2018, I received an intimation mail from arju.[protected] who claimed to be the Advocate associate firm of DG Services. The mail was intimation for me to pay the dues towards the company or else they will be eligible to take legal action on me.
On 4th September I received a call from +916356000707, who claimed to be companies legal team to give me a reminder that the company has forwarded the file to the legal team for legal action and I have to make the payment till 2 p.m. or else I will have to face them in the court with huge financial burden which will be increasing on per day basis.
Since, I was about to appear in an interview, I made a call at the companies helpline number to request them to halt for a day so that I can be free and look into the matter peacefully, but the person directly denied saying that he can't help as the file was already handed over to the legal team.
I again made a call to the legal team from whom I received a call requesting them to just give me time, but they started playing mind games and making use of my helpless situation. They kept on calling me again and again and every now and then, I even felt that I was speaking to different people from their side.
They warned me that I have to face judicial actions, notice will be send at my home, I have to pay more and more. After being mentally harassed, I was already depressed as I was not in the situation to face the interviewer at the interview which was about to start within a short span. Having no option left at that state of mind I was ready to make the payment but since they got to knew that I was already panic till that time, they made full use of it and asked me to pay Rs. 7600 /- . When I asked them that it was Rs. 5400/- according to the agreement so why should I pay more, they told me that it's the charge for legal action levied on me.
Although, till that moment I got to knew that the party is fraud but my mental status was such that I just wanted to get rid of those torture. I then helplessly made the payment of Rs. 7600 /- and mailed the payment slip at the same mail id i.e. parmer.[protected] from which I received their account details.
The details are as follows:
ACCOUNT NO : [protected]
IFSC : SBIN0019204
AMOUNT : 7600 /-
After the payment was done I was again getting calls from their side, I was shocked to hear that my file is yet not closed and I have to make an additional payment of Rs. 5100 /- till 3 p.m. same day itself or else I can't blame them later for getting calls from the court. That was the time I lost my cool and cut the call out of frustration.
After reaching home I tried to calm myself and within few minutes I got a call again from their side again. And this time I confidently replied them back and denied to make any further payment to them. They started giving me multiple reasons and I was asked to talk to their senior who again ended up giving unjustified reasons for getting payment from my side.
Then by scolding them I demanded them to refund my money back and take whatever action they want to take, the person on the other side shouted and threatened me of sending notice against me.
Thereafter, I again received an intimation mail from parmer.[protected] asking me to pay Rs. 5, 100 /- as per the conversation till 3 p.m. and share the payment receipt. I willingly ignored the mail and blocked all their numbers after warning them that I will take action towards them for the fraud.
Next day after getting feared from my warning they mailed me a NOC from noc.[protected] mentioning that the company has received complete payment of Rs. 7600 /- from my side and I am not liable to pay anything to them.
I would like to mention that after the incident I have made a detailed study and found that there are already many complaints against DG Services in consumer forum, Jago Grahak Jago and many more sources. This company is a fraud playing with the hard earned money of the public as well as the physical pain they bear to complete the assigned work on time with a hope to earn something. They start by influencing public at the beginning with the game of words and harassing them mentally later.
Strict action should be taken against them and they should be put behind the bar.
I hope this matter will be studied seriously and an action is taken as soon as possible. I will be waiting for a positive response from your side.

Thank you


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      Sep 10, 2018

    Yes even I am also facing same problem. Plz do needful for this issue

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  • R
      Sep 10, 2018

    @Madhavi P No need to pay a single penny.they are fake.
    Go toh police and raise FIR against them

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