Dental Worksincorrect billing and unethical behavior

Ja Sep 30, 2019

8/27- I paid $151 for services.
9/1- When my Delta Dental Insurance statement arrived it stated I only owed $62.00
9/13- I contacted Dentalworks and they told me to fax the document-I did
9/30-There has been no credit issued to my Care Credit Card, so I contacted the office again and Tiffany had done nothing about it. I contacted Delta Dental and they contact Tiffany to explain that could not charge me and the insurance company. Tiffany stated that corporate did not approve the credit. This office has done this to me in the past. They always make me pay after an appointment and then I have to beg for my refund once the insurance bill comes.
Plus this office rarely answers the phone. I also received another bill that states "Insurance Adjustment Increase" my insurance company knows nothing of this.

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