Dental Worksthe current office manager is not capable of doing her job!

R Nov 06, 2019

I have been asking for 4 months for her to get the correct contract for my invisalign corrected as they were over charging me. Also my FSA has denied my claim due to no account details on the paperwork she provided for me, she continues to give me the same exact receipt that has already been denied on 2 occasions.
So She then forwards me a copy of her daily huddle meeting notes instead of what I am asking for. I have lost several nights sleep over this & do not wish to have my checking account taken for mare than what should be, also when someone pays for service they should be given the correct billing info. Moving forward I am withdrawing all positive feed back on Google & Yelp and will be advising others to avoid this location as well as filing formal complaint with the BBB.

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