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The incident occurred in December 2007 in the Richmond Centre Mall. I was approached in the Richmond Mall by the seller and after trying their products they informed me of the AMAZING DEAL they had for me because Christmas was just a few days away! I would get the beautifying nail kit for $100 BUT I will also get one free!! So I bought the product.

Then I decided to do some research and went online to find out the price. To my surprise, the actual cost was 1/2 price on the official Dead Sea Premier website. They were forcing people to buy two kits!! Luckily, after I confronted the manager and said that I would report him, he quickly ignored the no return policy and refunded me the full price. Now this may have been an isolated case, but I think people should definitely be careful.


  • Da
    Dan May 22, 2009

    My girlfriend just got scammed this week by a guy working for one of those mall kiosk that sell this dead sea premier stuff. They got her to buy 1400$$ worth of their products, claiming that the products were normally selling for like 450$$+ and that they would do a "special price for her of like 300$" (when normal cost is like 60$ on average if you search online) . Off course it said "no refunds" on the ticket and there is a sign at the kiosk showing that as wellt. My gf felt Really bad once she realised what happen to her. The other thing as well, is they don't indicate the price anywhere, and on the receipt it does not even show what was bought exactly, just the total sum is shown(another red flag)

    Anyhow, we certainly were not going to let this happen and would fight it as much as needed to get her money back. First my gf called their "owner" who said initially, afterhearing all of our complaints about them, that a refund should be possible but to call custumer services of their business the next day. My gf did that, and talked to some other person, who was basically trying not to give the refund initially, and than started to agree on just giving back 450 at first, than like 550 and than followed by 850$$ back. At this point i told my gf to not settle anything but for a full refund, and at that point I CALLED THE MALL MANAGEMENT who is responsible of the kiosk there. Once i explained the story to them, and them telling me they have received several complaints against this dead sea kiosk business, she quickly called the owner of that business and told them to give the full refund without questions. The matter got quickly settled after that call. Be aware, well at least at this mall, BUSINESSES ARE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE REFUNDS. The NO REFUND on the TICKET IS TOTALLY FALSE and AGAINST MALL BUSINESS POLICIES. Basically it is a lie!! The mall management even asked if we wanted to have mall security escort us to the kiosk to make sure that they would refund us in case they would resist it still once we get there!! We elected not to do that at first. Of course when we got there, they tried to have my gf keep some of it, but since i was there this time, the BS stopped rapidly!!

    Don't let yourself cought by their BS and empty promises. They are untruthful and scammers and they are really good at influencing people with their rehearsed scheme that obviously works and screws hundreds to maybe thousands of people each year. This guy was forceful on my gf to start with, than was trying to be really freindly with her, asking all types of questions to her to get a better feel of my gf to prepare his scheme a little better, and than tried to find every flaw excuse on my gf (in a "nice" way, which made her feel bad about herself, and which got her into buying their crap, even though she does not have the flaws he was claiming her to have!! Just disgusting to see this kind of activity happening and especially seeing those malls being aware about all this but not really doing much about it, it sure seems like to me after talking to them!!


    if a mall business or kiosk advertises No Refunds and really excessive prices ON THEIR PRODUCTS, it is most likely FALSE, AND YOU SHOULD CALL MALL MANAGEMENT OR EVEN MALL SECURITY!!! YOU SHOULD GET YOUR FULL REFUND!!
    DON'T GIVE UP!! It might be a lot easier than you expect!

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  • Hb
    Hbroodah May 18, 2013
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    I was approached by one of their sellers who tried to sell me their product in a very annoying manner. I had to say “NO” like dozen times but he kept pushing and telling me about the product. This is not a way to deal with customers, avoid those annoying jerks.

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