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Su Jun 13, 2019

Please read all this!!
This is Susan Hodges. I felt u should know to not recommend the days inn pcb.
I enclosed pics of this place! Awful..nasty..building leaking all over..lights out in room .workers only speak to their kind towels unless u call ..n get them hours later.
Door has air whistling thru ..called office.. maintenance man said put a towel under door. I could see outside all around door.
Outside door leaking at top.
Towel wiped up floor with was black n filthy
Sand on floor ...was on it when we first got here..suppose to be clean room .
These r just a few .problems. here's pics to prove it
They advertise in room ordering for $5.00 off and 2500 points. We tried pizza to order for an Hour..could not order process .so at 10:00pm I just ordered myself n paid $30 for it .including delivery charge.
The iron was horrible. Added water n it started running everywhere. Also ruined my new outfit of $40 due to some black crap on it. Put little black dots on in n left iron imprint on it. Had to try to iron dry. Iron looked like had been in salt water ..probably hurricane
Bldg is leaking everywhere. In Hall by elevator
.there is a huge crack on our floor 7#n pouring water buckets everywhere.
Horrible place!!!
I hate I used my 45000 points for this junk of a place. This is not a Wyndham it's an old days inn...awful!!!
They never cleaned sinks, tub, toilet at all! Would ask me everyday if I wanted it swept n beds done. If I had not been on room, they would not have done nothing!
Our light went out..called.. maintenance man checked it said he would have to change LED bulb and he was not gonna do that...too we was without overhead light!
Like I say Wyndham needs to take their name off this hotel!! I used my trip of a week for a merely 3 day trip .to a hellhole!! N used the 45000 u gave me for junk!! Pure junk!!
Also there was a lady in breakfast area never would speak, smile nothing I thought the was just shy .but then some Mexican people came up n the smiled talked spanish...but to us Americans did not, rude!!
List goes on and on's just a shame we paid for this trip starting a free week...took 4 HR presentation ..and All this Hassel of losing days and nites from That trip..and then get a hellhole of a compensation?? . Awful to say oh it's a Wyndham trip??!
Thank u
Susan Hodges
What u gonna do now?
Replace my ruined outfit?
Give me back my points or give me 4 days at another place?

Days Inn

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