Days Innmanager

G Sep 29, 2019

Manager went into a expletive laced tirade when I accidentally brought my puppy into the lobby. He said you know its against the law to bring a dog in here. I said I do know now.
I told him sorry I'm leaving. He couldn't let it go at that as was was walking out he said its [censored]ing common sense. I said what, that's not very nice way to put it.
He chased me out made me trip and spill my coffee on myself and continued with his tirade which contained over a dozen [censored] you, [censored] your family, [censored] your dog you mother [censored]er. Is this because I'm white?
Is this how senior citizens are treated at days inn?
I didn't pay good money to be treated like that.
I don't get any breakfast because of this and now have to spend more to eat after I already paid you for my breakfast.
Thank you for listening.

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