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M Oct 09, 2019

We scheduled a late check in as we were spending our 10th wedding anniversary in Conn, but had to stay in Maine until after our sons football game. So by the time we arrived it was 12:30 a. m - exhausted and eager to check in we waited for over 10 minutes for someone to appear to check us in.
Never in all my life would I have imagined. It too about 15 tries to get our door open which was right behind the front desk. Stupidly I believed since I had booked in advance a room had been assigned to me, I was quickly informed last to check in gets the crappiest room and boy did we.
After we finally gained access to our room, neither the tv or refrigerator worked. There was NO towels. Not even a toilet paper roll holder. The window had a busted up screen. Throughout the whole room, I counted 19 holes that had been puttied over. The hair dryer was just not there but the bracket was, dryer was not. No pictures on the wall, just picture holders?
The next morning we asked that our door get looked at so we could get in, Carrie tried to help, she got us towels and tried new keys, but put in an order asking that at the very least we get house keeping, someone look at tv and fridge and door. We said we would be gone for awhile, when we left housekeeping was across the hall.
We returned at 2 p.m. to grab clothes, nothing had been addressed, at that time we addressed it with Carrie who was going to be leaving and Amanda the lead house keeper and they both assured us when we returned after dinner it would all be taken care of.
When we returned at 8:45 p.m. the only thing that had been addressed was that the refrigerator was working. Still NO housekeeping, Still No TV, Still no clean linen, Still no working door lock, do you have any idea how frustrating it is to pay money to stay somewhere for your tenth anniversary under these conditions.
So with limited staff at 9:30 at night and a nearly empty hotel as it was a Sunday night they offered to put us in a different room.
Sadly it was too little too late, we spent very little time there to be able to give them ample time to take care of all the issues there should not have been. Yet none were done. They moved us on the late hour when we had to go to bed to drive back to Maine the next day.
I had always had a good opinion of Days Inn until now. Im not sure I know what should happen from here, but something should.
Melanie Prescott
Dixfield Maine [protected]

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