Dave & Buster’sbartender

S Jan 08, 2020

My family and I sat at the bar and waited for about 10 minutes for someone to come out but that's not even the complaint and I typically don't do complaints but this customer service was beyond disrespectful. When Raquelle (Server 916060) comes to the bar to ask what she wanted her attitude was already nasty. I asked her if they had any frozen drinks and she said that Dave & Busters doesn't have any frozen drinks on the menu. I just went to Dave & Busters in Myrtle Beach so I know that couldn't be true. After I showed her on the drink menu that you do have frozen drinks she makes a drink that is horribly mixed together. I asked for a refund and was told I cannot get a refund but can only get a replacement drink and of course with a attitude. At this time she's standing in my face talking sarcastically about how she can only replace the drink. We asked to see a manager but he was interviewing for jobs and said he would talk to us. He never showed up. I ended up paying for stuff that was thrown together due to the server having a attitude at god knows what. I remained respectful due to my child be around. I love Dave & Busters but unfortunately this experience at your Cary location has rubbed me and my family the wrong way with the hires you have at this location. Does a frozen drink cost the same as a beer? I didn't even get the difference back for that. Beware of that bartender I'm sure I'm not the first and last.

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