Dan Murphys Marketown Newcastle NSWsecurity at store

L Nov 23, 2019

I visited your store at West Newcastle this afternoon 24th November 2019 at approximately 3 pm and was totally appalled at the way the security guard approached me about checking my bags. I wasn't purchasing anything and tried to exit the store via the inward gate. There was no other way to leave apart from waiting for all those purchasing to be served.
As I went through the gate the security person called me back to check my bags.
I don't have a problem with having my bags checked and readily offer them for inspection when leaving a store however, I do take offence at being addressed as "love" and being told I looked suspicious.
Maybe the store should make it that there is a way to exit the store when you are not purchasing without having to look "suspicious". Also have the security guard placed in a position that you can readily offer your bags for inspection and not placed in an embarrassing situation in front of other customers.
After this experience I will not be returning to the store and will not be recommending this store to family and friends.
Linda Hudson

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