Dallas BBQfood missing and customer service

M Dec 08, 2019

I place an order online and when I got the deliver I had food missing in my order so I call the place they transfer to the manager he ask for my name and he couldn't find it so I give him the order number 766303 I order the steak shrimp and chicken the shrimp was missing and also we order burger add pickles and bacon neither the pickles or bacon was in the order after I give the manager the order number he hang up so I call back again and he said I found the order so he order to send just the stuff was missing I told him I pay for my food hot not to wait until the rest gets here and eat it cold he said ok we send another order just send the food back but the way he handle the issue was bad because I know people make mistakes but he didn't try to amend the problem he just wanted to correct what was missing I waited for My order almost an hour do you think I'm going to wait another hour to get the missing stuff not good customer service and he didn't even apologize for the misunderstanding he just hang up on me unbelievable last time I order I had stuff missing as well and they give me credit but I didn't make any problem because it was just fries and now this I don't like complaining about people but they should try little better to handle issues like this especially we are paying customers and I been ordering for long time from the company I would take picture of the food but I'm so upset I already pack the food and put in the bag waiting for my hot food my email is [protected]

food missing and customer service

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