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Dairy Queen’s waiting time yes yesterday we went to Dairy Queen in Greece New York walked in took my order it was 5:08 PM did not get out of there till 27 minutes later this is pretty unacceptable you could go to a fine restaurant sit down and have your food even before that, was told by one of the employees they take care of the drive-through first so me and three other people were waiting inside for our food while they were just cooking and delivering all the drive Throughs. I don’t think that’s appropriate because you have people inside waiting I believe either that or alternate you’re cooking so you’re cooking for the person inside and then went outside and if it’s that busy maybe you should hire another cook didn’t get out of there until almost a half hour later the food and the food was cold but did not want to go back in there to complain because it would’ve taken another half hour, also this was a to go order which I thought it would be better to go inside and order apparently that was the wrong choice thank you very much I don’t know what to do about this or what would be resolved but I just think it’s just a bad way to run things

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