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For the second time now I have been refused the right to fill prescription by this pharmacy. I have Temazepam for sleep and Clonazepam for my anxiety prescribed by the same doctor and the pharmacy refused to fill my prescription for Clonazepam because they said I also get Temazepam...since when did the pharmacist become my doctor??? And because I was sick at the time I went to have my Clonazepam filled I had to go back home instead of taking it somewhere else and have been without my Clonazepam for the weekend and my anxiety has been horrible. I was told this on Saturday afternoon at the drive through window that it was up to their discretion whether to fill it or not.

My name is : Marquieta Barquet
Date of birth: 06/25/1967
Phone number is: [protected]

Oct 07, 2019

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