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This is to make a statement of dissatisfaction of service and helpfulness of your pharmacy staff. I have been trying to fill a prescription for Alprazolam, this medication has been used for myself for years, and is very helpful. Originally the prescription was denied by OptumRX, I appealed it and was approved receiving a call from OptumRX that is was ready for them to fill. I waited 2 days and nothing happened. So, I called the pharmacy again today, and spoke to the same pharmacist Mirtha Morris which is just plain RUDE. She said she tried and the computer would not let her. Therefor I called again to OptumRX and they said the pharmacy needed to call. I then got myself together and walked to the pharmacy again. Told the front staff I needed it filled and they needed to call. Mirtha overheard as she usually interjects from here "throne". Told me to take a seat, after several minutes she finally came and told me that they would only approve the prescription for 30 pills for 30 days, I take this 2 to 3 times daily. I was so tired I just said fill it. Mirtha is not at all what I thought CVS represented with helpful and kind staff. After getting home tonight, I called OptumRX AGAIN, I was told it was approved for 2 times a day. Why I was told by Mirtha something completely different is unknown to me. I am exhausted with fighting between CVS Pharmacy, Dr. Jones and OptumRX to get my regular prescription filled. OptumRX gave me a number to give to CVS Pharmacy to get the right dosage filled. I should not have to be running around on my cane trying to get Mirtha on the same page with the Insurance Company. I expect better service/HELP than I have received over the past few weeks. Please contact this Pharmacy and person to remedy there service issues. Also, please have the pharmacy call 1-877-889-6510 for the approval of the rest of my prescription.

You can contact me @
Earl Steven Stout
744 Girard Str, NW #211
Washington, DC 20001
[protected] cell

Aug 29, 2019
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  •   Aug 29, 2019

    Your Xanax prescription should be faxed over with instructions for usage.

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