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The conversation that my husband and I were having with the pharmacy tech was regarding why after at least 10 years of going to the pharmacy that our medications were never available when we brought our prescription in. The prescriptions always had to be ordered and it would take anywhere between 1 to 3 business days. This obviously skews the insurance dates and pharmacy fill dates. We were advised by the tech working on the fill that it was because of the type of drug and how the manager could only order a certain amount. They were basically letting us know it was first come first serve idea based on the order the pharmacist put in. They informed us that there was no other way it could be done to insure that every prescription would be filled. My husband explained that he is in a great deal of pain as anyone taking this medicine, myself included, would be and that there should be a better way. He was looking into the direction of the pharmacy manager. As the manager, Jaime Wu, I believe his name is, completed his task he walked on over asking if he could help. By this time we were in acceptance that our medication had to be ordered and it would take a few days. The tech was ordering it during our conversation. Going to another pharmacy was not an option for us. Because of my cancer treatment, for stage IV breast cancer my immune system gets week. We try to limit our interactions in crowds and stores to a minimal. We drop off our prescriptions at that store as we have done for almost 10 years now because it is on our way home from our doctors. Though we had to concede to the situation, we still wanted to know if there was a better way to assure that our prescriptions would be available when we needed them. My husband explained to the manager that the situation was frustrating, heightened by his chronic pain that is not entirely relieved by the medication and the knowledge that he would have to endure increased pain until his medication was filled. After my husband explained that going to the pharmacy should be like going to McDonald's for a hamburger. You always expect a hamburger and never expect them to run out as it is their business. The Pharmacy Manager Jaime Wu, automatically replied if we are not happy we can go some where else. My husband and I were getting more frustrated as his tone and body language seemed to be placing blame on us. My husband sharply without raising his voice said that this is bull [censored] there has to be a better way for patients that are in pain and need their medicine to get it in a timely manner. At this point the Pharmacy Manager said you don't need to cuss at me. I said, it is not cussing at you it is the situation. He never offered any assistance, explanation or a word of advice to help quell our discomfort for having to run up against not having our medication available to us when we need it. He simply abruptly picked up and aggressively threw our prescriptions across the counter at us and said, you can take your business elsewhere we are not filling these.

About a week later my oncologist ordered me a prescription straight to the pharmacy. The prescription was to help with side effects from my chemotherapy. I went to pick it up and was greeted by the Pharmacy Manager, Jaime Wu. He told me that my business was not welcomed here and I could not get anymore prescriptions filled after this one. He said that this was told to us. I responded no it was not. He said yes I did say that a few weeks ago. I indicated that what I understood was that we could not have the prescriptions we had that day filled. According to his memory it was for all future prescriptions. He confused me even more. I explained and said this is Bull [censored] as I cannot be running around from pharmacy to pharmacy and continue to be stressed because of my weekened immune system due my chemotherapy. He asked me where he could send my pending medications that were on auto fill. I said Walgreens on El Camino. He confused me yet again by saying Oceanside Blvd. He did not listen to what I originally said. He kept talking over me. I yelled at him to him to just stop he is confusing me. Its not fair what he is doing to me and my family. I asked him his name. Because it was in the drive through it was hard to hear. I believe he said, Jaime Wu. Again he was cold and disregarded me as not just a customer but as a person.

The Pharmacy Manager, Jaime Wu, had no diplomatic problem solving communication skills what so his position he should have these skills to handle peoples grievances. What he did was inflamed the situation and kept my husband and myself, a stage IV breast cancer patient from getting our needed prescriptions filled. The level of commitment he has to his personal self preservation seems to be detrimental to patients in need of their medications.

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  • Ro
      Oct 21, 2019

    Wow ! I thought that you were talking about the CVS Pharmacy that WE HAVE to use due to Cigna " we got a better price so we can give you bad service ". The CVS that we use is on Cypresswood and the comments that you made almost reflect what I would satay.
    I'm very sad to hear that you have to deal with them while undergoing Cancer Treatment. There aren't any words for me to respond with what you are going through, and have no idea what pain you have to accept. I'm truly sorry that they treated you the way that they did and then have the nerve to tell you that they don't want your business any longer because they have failed doing their job. They really have one job - fill an RX and treat the customers with respect, that's it but apparently their egos are larger than what they are qualified to do.

    We used Walgreens for 18 years using Cigna Insurance and when we were informed that CVS would be filling our RX'S we were very disappointed. After using CVS it wasn't long that we didn't like their attitudes and complacency right off the bat. We have been told numerous times that we didn't have any RX'S even though our Dr. had transmitted them electronically. After reading the pain that you go through Im not even going to really address my situation since it can't compare to yours. I have Chronic pain and take numerous RX'S to try and combat the pain and then have to put up with the arrogance of CVS employees. My Dr. sent two RX on the 17th So I called on the 18th, 19th, 20 and today 10/21/2019. Today I called at 8:49, 12:58 and 3:07 and each time I was told that there weren't any prescriptions for me and none were pending. I've been out of pain medication and today Ive spent the day in bed because I couldn't move because I hurt so badly. Finally I called back to my Dr.'s office and she told me what time the RX was called in. She called CVS and after a few minutes she heard the beep which is the sound of an insurance approval. She got on their case and was then told my medications were ready for pick up! This is at least the 3-4th encounter that I've had with this CVS not including my Wife's frustration trying to get her prescriptions.

    All that I can say is that this CVS is the WORST COMPANY that Izvestia ever dealt with and it wouldn't make me mad if they just closed up. I'm calling CVS Complaints again, they always tell me that the Regional Manager will handle the situation and deal with this location. Guess what ? Nothing ever changes so this time it's a call to CVS and a call to CIGNA to express my displeasure with their service!
    I feel bad writing about my pain when yours is Gigantic compared to mine. God Bless you and I truly hope that you get through this and not have to deal with idiots✅

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