CVS Pharmacy / CVS Healthservice complaint

B Nov 16, 2019

Prescription called in on 11/8/19 and went to pick it up on 11/14/19. I was only one waiting on th 14th and noticed two technicians filling prescriptions and one person at separate desk doing paperwork. I stood the for approximately 4 minutes waiting. While I was waiting I noticed the pharmacy phone kept informing, two calls waiting, then the phone said three calls waiting. The technicians were ignoring the calls. When the pharmacist finally acknowledged me, I gave her my information and she said they did not have it in stock. She was apologetic and said she would have it the next day, which was yesterday.

I called today 11/16/19 at 10:30 and waited on hold for 10 minutes and 4 seconds before I hung up the phone.

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