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S Sep 30, 2019

After several times of calling the pharmacy and speaking to pharmacy staff and pharmacist mark things were not getting done. My husbands prescriptions were not getting refilled. On august 27 I called pharmacy and spoke with a female pharmacy tech for medication refills. She stated medications will be ready the next day. Next day turned to 1 week. When asked what was the delay she answered prescription was on hold - why? She stated medications are not filled until the patient calls... Really! Why? Aren't pharmacies suppose to fill in all prescriptions called in? I am very disappointed if I would not call to check on status on medication pharmacy staff will not call to notify why there's a delay. My husband has a heart problem and needs his medications on a daily basis. As a medical professional myself I am very heart broken of this kind of service. Here in laredo, texas our cultural is different. There are a lot of people that depend on the pharmacy to remind them of refills or new medications prescribed to them. On 9/27 I signed a request at heb to transfer all medications from cvs. I called cvs on 9/28 and they said transferred was done. On 9/29 called h-e-b no transferred was done. On 9/30 heb pharmacist personally called cvs and got transfer of medications.
Excuse given from cvs on jaime zapata in laredo, texas was they were short staff. Also the drive by window (service) is usually closed regardless of the time. Once I went on a saturday it was 1pm and it was closed. Store open until 2pm so I parked and went inside the pharmacy asked cashier (juanito) why the window was closed he replied we close window 30 minutes before closing time. It was 1pm.
I just hope things change at this site. It's a good location but needs new management.
Concerned ex-customer.

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