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Today I went to pick up a prescription, which I assumed was one of my usual ones. When I got home and took it out of the bag, I saw it was something I told them to remove from my account over six months ago! I took this stuff back and they refused to refund my money, telling me they couldn't take it back, that the dr. Called it in! Not only could they not be bothered to take this med off my account when I told them, they are now lying to me?!

I have not been to the months. My dr never prescribes anything unless I ask for it, or he tells me in advance that I need it. My dr. Also never changes my meds without contacting me prior to him sending in any prescription! And I know for a fact my dr. Took this med off my meds list at his office!

These inept imbeciles at cvs pharmacy apparently called my dr. About this prescription, which I told them to remove from my account months ago and apparently refused to do, so they took it upon themselves to get this med updated without my knowledge or permission!

Do not do business with cvs!!!


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      Nov 11, 2019

    More than likely this is a scam set up by the pharmacy or the head pharmacist. They will purposely give someone the wrong prescription in hopes the customer wont notice until after they have already paid for it. They usually will get people with smaller amounts, like something under $30, hopeing they wont give a damn and not even bother with it, so the pharmacy either "puffs up" sales to get their quotas up, or they pocket the money and write it off as you got your "refund".

    The person running the pharmacy has to be very well trained at theft in order to get away with something like this, since hardly anybody pays cash anymore.

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