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K Oct 03, 2019

I went to the CVS pharmacy in Mars, PA. I pulled up to the drive thru and was the only car. After 5 minutes I rang buzzer since noone came to the window. They responded through the speaker, someone will be with you when we can. 10 minutes later, rang the buzzer again, still noone has come to the window. Again, a voice on the speaker telling me, they will be eith me when they can. After 20 minutes, they came to the window to say, only 2 people were working and both were with patients. Then I was told the computer went down at the window. Another 5 minutes for them to ring me up somewhere else. I called tonight to your complaint line and after 20 minutes sitting on hold, I hung up. I have had issues in the last six months with pharmacy filling the weing prescription three times. Same script. It seems you are having alot of service issues and maybe losing customers might be the only way change may be made.

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