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Since purchase of my boat 13 months ago I have had it in my possession a grand total of 4 months. Warranty issues have run the gamut from bad battery switch panel, to pumps not functioning, lights not functioning and parts not constructed correctly and needing to be replaced, and parts missing. Emerald Coast Marine Group is not completely blameless, but I do believe they have been trying to get the boat back to me. I fully believe the hold up has been Crownline, the maker of the Finseeker line. At this point I am so over the entire boating experience that I really have no further desire to own any boat. They have managed to completely ruin it for me and my family. They do not stand behind their product that I have seen. It took an engineer from the factory traveling to the dealership to finally accept the fact that the fish box lids indeed need to be replaced. I'm just over it. For this being their flagship in the company's most recent efforts, it sure is a disappointment. I can't imagine if their future looks like this, that it will be a very long one. Just tired of fighting and ready to be done.


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