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M Aug 13, 2018 Review updated:

Purchased (2) digital camera batteries on July 19, 2018. After realizing that this company was located in Hong Kong, I requested them to please cancel the order because I needed the batteries, in a timely fashion. I got no response from them for 5 days and when they finally did respond, they told me that the item was shipped out already and that I would receive it between 5-12 days. Needless to say, I received the item 3 WEEKS from the original order date!! In the meantime, I had to go and purchase this battery somewhere else because I needed to use my camera within the 3 week period. Plus, either this company or PayPal overcharged my credit card for this item! RUN before you ever even consider purchasing something through this outfit!


  • Hi
    hieu ha Sep 11, 2018

    Like above I bought a battery for my camera from 08/30/2018 but Iam not receive, let me know when i can get it .

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  • Hi
    hieu ha Sep 11, 2018

    Like above I bought a battery for my camera from 08/30/2018 but Iam not receive, let me know when i can get it . sorry i dont know ENGLISH

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  • Ca
    Canines4all Oct 11, 2018

    I bought 2 Nikon camera batteries. They arrive 3 weeks later. One was completely dead and won't take a charge. I am in the process of trying to get a refund from them and will file a complaint with Paypal if they don't reply soon.

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  • Ca
    Canines4all Oct 31, 2018

    @Canines4all The company was to send a replacement battery for the dead one I received. I said I absolutely needed to receive by October 25. If that wasn't possible, I wanted a refund. I was told it will arrive in time. It's now October 31. No battery. I had to buy one from another company that arrived in two days. It's too late. I want a refund. My complaint to Paypal is being elevated because the situation was not resolved satisfactorily as promised.

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  • Mo
    Mowzer Oct 16, 2018

    16/10/18. Purchased a Battery for Ricoh GR2 at end of August. Now mid October and still no battery.
    Have sent several messages but they just make lame excuses. Am trying to get a refund with no result.

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  • Ph
    Philodup Oct 19, 2018

    I never receive my battery
    Command 3500-2437-7758-8893

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  • Mo
    Mowzer Oct 31, 2018


    Oct 23, 2018, 3:51 AM (8 days ago)

    to me

    The message below was sent to me from Cross Ocean Electronic Co. Ltd on 23/10/2018 at 3.51 AM.
    It is now 31/10/2018 and no sight of a refund. This company stinks, perpetually lies and basically is crap.
    STEER WELL CLEAR OF. PS, Still no battery which they never intended sending.

    Sorry to make you wait.
    The refund will be returned to you within 72h.
    Many thanks
    Have a nice day.

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  • Ro
    Roman222 Dec 02, 2018

    Hi it is warning for everyone !!!

    Do not buy from this company !!!. You ordered a more expensive one-you get cheaper. They do not give back the difference ( refund). You will not get bills. Delivery time over two months. Selina just apologizes and promise .
    This is a company in China - not in England. If you decide to buy in CROSS OCEAN ELECTRONIC CO. LTD - you will lose money like me. Delivery time 5-12 days is unrealistic.
    !!! DO NOT BUY !!!

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  • Lo
    Louloute047 Apr 15, 2019

    Is someone can give me the mail address for complaint? I can't find it :(

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  • La
    lagarde Jul 16, 2019

    BONJOUR !!!
    Témoignage de ma commande sur ce site!!!
    J'ai commandé un chargeur de batterie en 12v, sur ce site, le 26 mai.Plusieurs mails envoyés, car je ne recevais pas mon colis, j'ai fini par recevoir ce chargeur endommagé, détérioré, usagé et en plus non conforme.Anouveau contact par mail car impossible de les avoir au téléphone le 11 et 12 juin et pas de réponse.J ai donc, à ce jour en ma possession une batterie que je ne peux pas utiliser!!!
    [email protected]

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  • Mi
    Michael J Harris Aug 05, 2019

    The two batteries purchased are not genuine Panasonic Lumix, and are not new: The covers are scratched, markings worn, the word Panasonic covered up with tape, the terminals clearly used more than an initial charge, the cases are flimsy, unlike the genuine battery and they were not in Panasonic packaging.
    They initially offer to replace them if I didn’t like the scratches!
    I have asked for a refund, but have had no replies since.

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  • Li
    LIONEL54 Aug 26, 2019

    J'ai commandé 1 pack batterie Canon LP-E8 depuis environ 2 semaines. Je n'ai reçu aucun accusé de réception de ma commande, aucune nouvelle, à part le fait que la facture a été débité de mon compte Paypal, sans savoir si la marchandise était partie,
    Un véritable SCANDALE; De telle société ne devrait pas exister. Ce sont des sociétés ESCROC qui encaissent mais ne livrent pas.
    Que peut on faire pour arrêter ce genre de trafic.
    Où peut on porter plainte contre ces trafiquants de commerce.

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  • Hl
    hlubo martine Sep 24, 2019

    j'ai commandé une pile pour mon appareil photo le 9.9.2019 Toujours rien mon compte est débité et personne ne répond.

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  • An
    annie proust Oct 16, 2019

    j'ai commandé une batterie appareil photo le 4 octobre, pas de mail de confirmation de commande, ni nouvelles pour la livraison et nous sommes le 17 octobre, pas de réponse à mon mail, mais le compte paypal a réglé ... je pensais qu'avec le compte paypal nous avions une certaine sécurité vis à vis du site vendeur... hélas cela n'est pas le cas...

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  • An
    annie proust Oct 16, 2019

    voici l'endroit où il faut signaler ces sites frauduleux afin que cela cesse...

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  • An
    angie31 Dec 30, 2019

    j'ai commandé, via le site batteriedepc, 2 batteries de caméscope le 4 déc 2019 a priori envoyées par cross-ocean-electronic-co-ltd d'après le reçu paypal. Nous sommes le 30 déc et je n'ai toujours rien reçu, aucune réponse à mes mails de relance et le numéro de téléphone indiqué n'est pas attribué! J'ai le sentiment que je vais être dans la même galère que les personnes des messages précédents, quel recours puis-je avoir?

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