Crafty Brandingwebsite and logo package

S Nov 08, 2018

Scammers under crafty branding/crafting branding.

These are Indian group pretending to be legitimate. I was fooled by them mainly because I didn't do a background check before I paid the website package that they advertise as almost a thousand but due to promo pay only 550$ or. Lose to that amount for a professional package that includes your brand logo, brand website, unlimited website revision, one year hosting, complete ownership of the website meaning at the end. But you will be surprise they will keep on asking a lot of different fees like registration fees of the logo, copyright fee of the logo, website corpyright of the website that cost you 599$ to fully own a logo that is very crapy made, copy cut logos etc. whew my first time to be fooled by these guys! The best way I can redeem myself is to warn other people to run away with these desperate Indian in crafty branding.. oh by the way ask if you ask them a business abn number they will give you a fake one, fake address, they won't give you their mobile, call them on their landline line that is only open when they are at their mission, I don't know how they do that to get Australian number. They won't give any mobile to contact them. Totally avoid them. Tour initial call and mostl likely their front desk guy has an Australian accent two of them they charge their name as jay and forgot he other name. Yes Australian customer service guy. These guy will Close the deal and you never heard of him again after he will pass it on to a group of Indian who promise the same thing but will missed out with a lot of things. 2 mos in the making my website is not yet done. So I offered to just finish e me the website and I can start improving the crappy web, but they won't tekease until I pay them the copy right lol 599$. When I refused they keep on bugging me until they did 150$ and they will release the u finish website. These are really desperate group of scammers. So beware, learn from my experience be a bit more wise to background check people before getting an online services specialist. Indian accent nah no more Indian.😫😫😫. Oh by the way for sure they will reply to this email and say we deliver the website to this guys we don't know why he is dying all these. They do that in every negative e reviews. Tons of them in the we. Just google these crafty branding. By the way they.keep on changing their brand name but just the same if they sound Indian, no Australian mobile number? Run, just run! They will scam you. Learned my lesson but I hope I can help a few client. Good day and goodluck.

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